Stand Up Comedy Boca Raton

Ben Brouckaert’s Set From Last Saturday

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Enjoy Ben’s awkward reason to be relieved he doesn’t have to work. Somber – rero.


Hannah Petosa’s Set From Last Week’s Stand Up Comedy Show

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Hannah has been working at comedy for just over a year. She’s already played plenty of times at some big name rooms, but her performance on Saturday night had to be one of her best so far. Look for yourself. Tell us what you think.

Stand Up Comedy Classes Start Up Thursday, May 14

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Looking to try something different?  Ever wondered what it takes to put together a good five minutes of material?  Interested in learning from the pros?  This round is taught by our very own Plus Pierre.  You may have seen him at just about every stand up show that exists down here in South Florida.  He’s got quite a web presence too.  Ask anyone about Plus and you’ll quickly learn you are being instructed by the very best.

Learn Stand Up Comedy

Classes start May 14 at Center Stage Boca from 8-10:30p for 7 weeks:

7200 W Camino Real #330

Boca Raton, FL 33433

954-667-7735 for questions


Video edited by Plus Pierre.


Sign Up For Classes And See Improv Shows For Free For 2 Months!

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If you sign up for classes by Friday, you’ll get to see our show on Friday for FREE!  You’ll also get to see our show the following week for free as well.  You’re already $30 in savings and Classes haven’t even started yet.  You’ll also get to see all Sick Puppies Shows are Center Stage while enrolled as a student for free as well.  You can save up to $110 just by taking classes.




Oh, and classes are fantastic.  You’ll learn how to be quicker on your feet, trust your mind and be more comfortable on stage!  Improv is all about finding instant relationships with others.


Center Stage Boca

7200 W Camino Real #330

Boca Raton, FL 33433

954-667-7735 or

$249 for 7 weeks


Friday, April 10th – See Our Next Show! 9PM

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Come watch a bunch of adults make up stuff and play pretend for 90 minutes and make you laugh!  Show Starts at 9PM.  Be there or be where you are.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS

Center Stage Boca $15

7200 W Camino Real #330

Boca Raton, FL 33433

954-667-7735 or or CLICK HERE