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Look At All of Our New Players!

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Sick Puppies Comedy has been busy adding new teams, new players, new formats and new shows!  Take a look at our newest players and the teams they play on!  We couldn’t be more proud of the group of players we have.  Come see a show soon!


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Tonight Is John Duffy’s Last Show With Sick Puppies Comedy

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John Duffy 2013: Loud, brash, crazy, clownish, quasi-insane student.

John Duffy 2017: Pillar of Sick Puppies Comedy, One of my very best friends, incredibly talented actor, invaluable instructor and relentless improviser who is also loud, brash, crazy, clownish and a full insane person.

John Duffy

He became an official cast member in January of 2015, but was part of our DNA well before as a student and consultant.  John had gotten his masters degree and asked if he could build a business plan for Sick Puppies Comedy in 2014.  Of course, I said yes, but didn’t think much of it until he presented it to me.

That summer, John was part of a sales team I had assembled in hopes of attracting new business, new audience, new students and new venues.  Overall, the project failed because I couldn’t coach it or manage it, but it inspired John.  He started to ask “what if?” What if this succeeded?  What if we grew bigger?  What if we could get more?  He was this voice in my head that said “We can do more.”

Within a few months I quit my job because I believed him.  He was right.  We added him to the cast and he quickly became one of my favorite people to be on stage with.  Some nights, he had an endless amount of energy and your job as a scene partner was to let him shine.  Other nights, he provoked your inner demons to visit a show.  He saw you for exactly who you were and who you are and never held back when he needed to say something.

There was a scene I was in with Julie Cotton and John that I will never forget.  It was what I believe improv perfection to be.  Completely lost in character, lost in scene and lost in joy.  I wanted to live in that 15 minutes forever.  None of us were able to hold ourselves together and I can remember each moment of that night line by line.

John created our house team “Daddy’s Little Nest Egg” that has been to a number of major festivals and is a regular monthly show at Sick Puppies.  He was a visionary for it.

He was easily one of the student favorites when it came to teaching. He even started his own series of classes in Fort Lauderdale and many of them are fans that only come to see shows when he is in them.  John knows how to inspire you and make you feel special.

John and I have worked on so many side projects and ideas together over the years.  SPC news, auditions, podcasts, marketing ideas… John built an entire commercial for Sick Puppies Comedy just three months ago.  He is selfless.  He’s too generous.

Then John found a new love.  Film.  And it took him away.  I knew before he did that his time as an improviser was limited.  When he called me two weeks ago, I already knew and I was so happy to hear him declare exactly what he wants and how he wants to get it.

Improv is an art form that very few of us are fortunate enough to “live” in.  It seems as though it is a transitional time in most people’s lives that helps them find their voice, their point of view, their value and their strengths so that they can grab onto the next thing confidently.

I am so grateful for John and what he has done to build up this company and community and will miss seeing him every week at practice and shows.  We will continue to work together on other projects and hopefully share the big screen together some day.

Please join us tonight at 9PM and purchase your tickets in advance to see John’s last show with us.

We love you John John Duffy –


Brandon Gross is The Newest Cast Member of Sick Puppies Comedy

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Hey Sick Puppies Comedy Fans! We Just added another Sick Puppy, Brandon Gross!  You’ll get to see him in his debut tomorrow night?  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS


Always a comedy fan, Brandon grew up watching SNL, Late Show with David Letterman, Conan O’Brien’s late night shows, and Whose Line Is It Anyway?  While attending Florida State University, Brandon started performing comedy with the student organization, No Bears Allowed. Brandon immediately knew improv was his passion. During his senior year, Brandon became the president of No Bears Allowed where he focused on hosting shows, and organizing its yearly Hilarity for Charity event, The Tallahassee Comedy Marathon. This 10-hour event brought in various stand up, sketch, and improv troupes to focus on raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association. Brandon graduated Florida State University in May 2015 with a degree in Entrepreneurship and minor in Film Studies.

We are so excited to have be part of the team.  We expect lots of laughs from Brandon.  We are already big fans.

Lip Sync Battle Submissions Due May 18th

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Come one, come all!  Any human can submit for the Lip Sync Battle on June 6th!

Aaron Blye's shopping "tips"

We are taking submissions until May  18th!

Winner receives the First Ever Sick Puppies Lip Sync Battle Trophy and $100 Gift Card to the sponsor of that gift card (TBD)

 Submission Instructions:

  • Send an email to
  • The email should include a youtube link of a 3 minute video of you or your team’s lip sync audition.
  • Your name and phone number would be a bonus.
If you are selected to compete, you will be notified by May 8th.
  • 10 total teams/participants will be accepted
Format and Rules
  1. All battles are head to head.
  2. Single Elimination Tournament – Win or Go Home
  3. 4 Rounds of Play – Wild Card round (4 Team Play In), 8 to 4, Semi Finals and Finals
  4. If you are selected as a Wild Card, you will need to prepare four separate 3 minute performances.  If not, only 3.
  5. Non Sick Puppies Judges (TBD) to Determine Winners
  6. Sick Puppies Members are eligible to enter, but are unaware of who the judges will be and even though a home crowd might help, the judges will be the only ones judging the outcome.
  7. This is for fun.  Fun.  For Fun.  Like for fun.  So, if you are hyper competitive and you think this is totally rigged, assume it is.
  8. Your team can have as few or as many people on it as you like
  9. You are encouraged to use props and costumes.  They must all be yours.  You cannot use anything from the theater except for the provided chairs and microphone.
  10. If you are caught actually singing, you will be violently removed.  Actual musical talent is strictly forbidden and frowned upon.
  11. Have Fun!

A Mini-Festival Is Pretty Much The Right Thing To Call Last Night’s Show

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Shooting Blanks up in Lake Park, Florida invited our team to go up and play on their stage.  It was a lot of fun.  We learned new games and made new friends.

Shooting Blanks at Center Stage
Shooting Blanks at Center Stage

It made sense to invite a handful of improv troupes to come play on our stage to reciprocate.  Shooting Blanks gave a resounding “YES AND…” along with THEY Improv’s Tropical Punch from Hallandale and  Mod27’s Cheese&Crackers from West Palm Beach.

Sick Puppies Hannah Petosa, Nick Henriquez and Tony Rivera also requested spots in the show to try out some new things (the show title was THE EXPERIMENT) and a few Sick Puppies put together a 20 minute mono scene to close out the show.

The atmosphere felt like a mini-festival.  Teams scattered inside and outside, people making instant friends and the familiar sounds of warm ups.

We expected to have 50 people in the crowd and it turns out there were roughly 100+ audience members there to watch us have fun. Two groups brought high end recording equipment to document the night.  The Sick Puppies $200 Camcorder was not needed.

The show ran nearly 150 minutes.  We were approaching James Cameron levels of time.  It was the first show Sick Puppies Comedy Show that had an intermission.  The idea of two and a half hours of anything seem daunting, but that’s kinda why it was a mini-festival… everyone stayed for the entire show.  Not an empty seat in the house.  The crowd was roaring from the beginning to the end.  AND WE RECORDED IT!!!!!!

We can’t wait to do this again.  Time to put it on the calendar!  Are you an improv troupe looking to join our mini-festival?  Reach out!