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Ahmed Bharoocha Episode 7 SPC Podcast

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Ahmed Bharoocha is primarily known as a Stand Up Comedian. He recently released his 30 minute special on Comedy Central and simultaneously his album “Almond Badoody”. You can find the album on itunes, spotify and amazon music.

I originally found him on Dead Kevin and through a mutual friend was able to introduce myself and talk about his journey. Check him out on Adult Swim on his newest project, Dream Corp LLC.

He’s a super nice guy and someone to look out for.



Episode 5: Peter Story

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I hope you enjoy this 5th installment of our podcast.  We interview Peter Story in this episode.  Peter is a company member of the B Street Theater in Sacramento and just recently returned from a 2 year tour of the one man show “Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus”.  He’s a film actor as well and been on The Tonight Show as well as every imaginable type of show you could think of.  He has a lot of honest insights to the industry and I’m very proud of the content in this episode. Won’t you have a listen?

SPC Podcast Episode 4: David Carl

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David Carl is a good friend and fellow graduate of the University of Evansville.  He graduated from Rutgers in 2006 while simultaneously going through UCB.  He later found his way over to The Magnet and The Pitt.  We talk about acting, improv, stand up and how they all have worked together to develop his projects, like “Gary Busey’s One Man Hamlet”.

Enjoy the episode. As always, tell us your thoughts.

Episode 3 of the Sick Puppies Comedy Podcast with Jud Williford

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In this episode, I get to connect with my old friend Jud Williford. We both graduated from the University of Evansville in 2001, but Jud became company member at the American Conservatory Theater for 3 years where he did a lot of teaching. And a lot of acting
For over a decade, involved in more than 70 professional productions across the country working with Tony award winning directors at Tony award winning theaters.

He recently toured with Wicked on the first and second national tours for over two years and has been coaching and teaching acting using techniques he has used to be successful.

His philosophy: “I believe that everyone possesses a core truth and voice that is unique to them and that if accessed it can be the emotional fuel that keeps the engine of expression running.”

We talk about what it takes to keep your mind right as you try to “make it”.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Sick Puppies Instant Improv Podcast: ‘Frenetic’

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An improvised scene that begins from just one word.

Tonight’s guests are Aniela McGuinness, Tom Neil, Julie Cotton, and Amy Wanberg.