Day: May 27, 2014

Matthew Plummer Joins Sick Puppies Comedy As Technical Director

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Sick Puppies Comedy is proud to announce their newest technical director, Matthew Plummer.  These are hard to find, especially in improv since we tend to treat the TD like a character in the show.  They have the ability to end scenes early, create new input during and animate the audience if energy is falling flat.  Matthew is a great friend of Sick Puppies, a talented comedian and a great improviser.  We are lucky to have him as part of the team.

Don't let that sour puss fool you.  Matthew is almost all fun and games.
Don’t let that sour puss fool you. Matthew is almost all fun and games.

Matthew spent his formative years in Indiana rebelling against anything on offer for rebellion. He spent a number of years pretending to be a transgressive artist, but mostly just ended up being a music reviewer. Eventually he found himself living in Florida for a second time, and decided to take a legitimate stab at being an entertainer. He began doing standup comedy in the Summer of 2012 as a way to pass the time before the wold ended. When that didn’t happen he just decided to keep it up until the real eschaton occurs. He began taking classes with the Sick Puppies in the summer of 2013, and everything started getting better. You can find him on stage almost any night of the week. After years spent avoiding being caught on film he’s finally almost photo-ready


“It’s Your Wonderful Life” Segment Added To Sick Puppies Shows

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Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other occasion?  We can incorporate your special event into one of our shows.  Here’s the scoop:

  • Fill out the Form Below regarding your friend or loved one
  • Purchase the “It’s Your Wonderful Life” Ticket for $149 HERE – This includes free admission for the target… errr…. person we are celebrating.
  • Get all of their friends and family to attend the show (Group Ticket Prices are available)

The segment is titled “It’s Your Wonderful Life” because we will be taking all of the information you provide us and perform improvised scenes.  The segment typically lasts about 15 minutes.  It’s all in good fun and the audience loves it.

We have been performing this piece for private parties and corporate events and is always a fan favorite.

Complete the Form Below

7 Things You’ll Never Hear in Times Square on New Year’s Eve

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1. Its quiet.

2. There are too many bathrooms!

3. I wish more people would show up.

4.Ryan Seacrest doesn’t do enough hosting.

5. We should throw out our trash in those garbage cans over there. 

6. We need more confetti!

7. 30! 29! 28! 27! …

Pope And Cliffs Notes To Tackle Bible

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Reports are coming in that Pope Francis is working with Cliffs Notes on a shorter version of the bible.

“Have you seen the thing? It’s just massive. It reads like it was written by 12 different people and edited over the course of hundreds of years. It could use a clean up.” Said a spokesperson for the popular publishing house.

The study guide pros are planning to cut the book down from its’ original 1900 pages to a solid 25. “You should still be able to get the jist.” the spokesperson said.

It’s no secret the Pope has been looking for ways to bring people back to Catholicism and make it easier to be a Catholic. This book plan is just one of many methods soon to be implemented including Twurch; the First Church to Tweet an entire Mass.

“I am excited for the new book. I want everyone to be able to say “I read the bible cover to cover” and not be lying when they say it.”, the Pope said in an interview with GQ earlier this month.

The Cliffs Notes version will have everything from the New Testament and a separate book will be made for the Old Testament. “Two books just makes sense for marketing purposes” , said the Pope.

One of the methods being used to write the book is context blending. A method developed by Cliffs Notes specifically for this project. “With context blending we can tell multiple stories at once and get the same info across to the reader. For instance in chapter 2 we have Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, and the Prodigal son all in one story and it runs just over 2 paragraphs long. It’s very exciting.”

Cliffs Notes plans to release the Bible in early 2014 with a King James version set for 4th quarter.