Classes and Workshops

Improv Acting Classes are for everyone.  You may believe they are only for actors or writers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  The skills learned in our classes will make you a much sharper, courageous, smarter version of yourself.  Imagine having full control of your emotions and reactions in some of the most stressful moments of your life.  Take a class.  See what we mean.

LIVE CLASSES: We offer 5 levels of Improv Acting Classes, Two Levels of Stand Up Classes, Sketch Writing and The Tao Of Improv.  Each level of a series is 7 weeks. Improv Classes have 7 weeks of instruction completed with a student showcase to open up one of our main stage shows on a Friday or Saturday night.  Stand Up and Sketch are 7 instructional classes with the possibility of making it into the show if the instructor approves.  All Classes currently take place at Center Stage In Boca Raton @ 7200 W Camino Real #330, Boca Raton, FL 33433.

Each class is $265 with the following perks:

  • Free Shows: Come see any Sick Puppies Comedy Show for Free with the Exception of special events
  • Discounts on Workshops and Special Events
  • Complimentary admission to many South Florida Improv companies.
  • Once you complete all 5 levels of the Improv Series, you receive complimentary show admissions for the rest of your life!


In this 5 Level series we take you from Beginner to Expert

  • Level 1:  (No Prerequisite Required) Permission to Play – Learn the basics of improv, how to think quicker on your feet, react in a true and honest way and build self confidence.
  • Level 2:  (Level 1 Required or Audition) The Perfect Scene – Learn what it takes to have a successful Improv scene every single time you improvise.  Troubleshoot common hurdles improvisers run into and understand just how simple this can be.
  • Level 3: (Level 1 and 2 required) Short Form – Similar to Whose Line is It Anyway, learn many of the games you may have already seen.  Learn how to apply good scene work to a very fun set of Improv Games sure to please a crowd.
  • Level 4: (Levels 1 and 2 required) Long Form – Learn how to improvise for an infinite amount of time.  Never run out of ideas, characters or “what’s next”.
  • Level 5: (Levels 1-4 required) The Harold – You’ll hear all about this legendary format while in our classes.  No need to explain it here.  It takes 2.5 hours just to cover the structure.


  • Online Stand Up Class! – Yes, You can learn how to do Stand Up comedy Online.  6 sections with 21 Lessons take you step by step on how to write a joke, use a microphone and get on stage! CLICK HERE TO GO TO THAT CLASS
  • Introduction to Stand Up Class (No Prerequisite required) – Learn how to write and perform stand up comedy.  The goal is for you to have a funny 5 minute set that you can perform at any open mic or stand up event with confidence. Learn some of the business of Stand Up Comedy and what it takes to make it.
  • Advanced Stand Up Comedy (Audition or Intro to Stand Up required) – Learn how to become a focused writer, create a system for success that puts you up on stage often and collaborate with your class to help find your “voice”.


Learn to write short and funny sketches similar to those you might find on SNL or Second City or the web! This class is just 7 weeks of instruction as opposed to the normal Sick Puppies Comedy 6 week and a show format.


You can only find this class here, at Sick Puppies Comedy.  Author of the book, The Tao of Improv, Tom Neile takes any improviser at any skill level and has them doing incredible improv in just 7 weeks.  You have to be thick skinned and take criticism.  It’s coached more like a contact sport than an acting class.

Refund and Cancellation Policy: Beginner’s Improv, Beginner’s Stand up and Tao of Improv classes are allowed a full refund as long as the request is made prior to the 2nd class of the series.  Otherwise, all sales are final.