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Boca Raton’s Improv, Stand Up and Sketch Writing School

The Sick Puppies Comedy Training Center has been the standard for South Florida Improv and Comedy since 2012.  Whether you’re a business professional looking to improve your presentation skills or a student looking to meet new friends, Sick Puppies Comedy is the place to be.  Completing the Sick Puppies Comedy curriculum welcomes you into our alumni network, which includes people working in various comedy fields in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.


Our instructors are working performers who have toured the country, published writers, and incredible teachers. Using a curriculum developed over 6+ years, classes at SPC create a fun, welcoming, safe environment for trying something new.



  • Free Shows: Come see any Sick Puppies Comedy Show for Free with the Exception of special events
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Improv Class having fun and improving their acting skills.

In this 5 Level series we take you from Beginner to Expert.  Some people associate improv with the TV Show Whose Line is It Anyway and we will be playing some of the games you see in that show, but also incorporating influences from Second City, Io (formerly Improv Olympic), UCB, The Groundlings and many other improv programs around the country.

  • Level 1:  (No Prerequisite Required) Permission to Play – Learn the basics of improv, how to think quicker on your feet, trust and act on impulse, become more comfortable with the unknown react in a true and honest way and build self confidence.  This level is for everyone.  We believe that everyone should learn how to improvise to be more flexible, work on group collaboration, and have mindfulness.
  • Level 2:  (Level 1 Required) Developing Characters in Scenes – Learn how to create interesting and robust characters in scenes that operate from the top of your intelligence while recognizing patterns in scenes, collecting information and clues on how to heighten scenes and throw away unnecessary details as well.  Continue to be introduced to new short form games to help your characters develop.
  • Level 3: (Level 1 and 2 required) Intro to Long Form – Learn how to improvise for an infinite amount of time.  Never run out of ideas, characters or “what’s next”.  You will be introduced to longer structure and forms.  We will also identify “Group Mind”.
  • Level 4: (Levels 1-3 required) Advanced Long Form – This level deepens your skill set by finding truthfulness, creating strong  base realities, authentic relationship, and intros.  This class should give you the confidence to improvise with anyone in the country.
  • Level 5: (Levels 1-4 required) The Harold – This is the Holy Grail of Improvisation.  Developed in the 80’s by Charna Halpern and Del Close, this is the universal format that all advanced improvisers are familiar with.  However, it is the most involved of any format.  You essentially learn how to improvise a play from start to finish.


  • Online Stand Up Class! – Yes, You can learn how to do Stand Up comedy Online.  6 sections with 21 Lessons take you step by step on how to write a joke, use a microphone and get on stage! CLICK HERE TO GO TO THAT CLASS
  • Introduction to Stand Up Class (No Prerequisite required) – Learn how to write and perform stand up comedy.  The goal is for you to have a funny 5 minute set that you can perform at any open mic or stand up event with confidence. Learn some of the business of Stand Up Comedy and what it takes to make it.
  • Advanced Stand Up Comedy (Audition or Intro to Stand Up required) – Learn how to become a focused writer, create a system for success that puts you up on stage often and collaborate with your class to help find your “voice”.


Learn to write short and funny sketches similar to those you might find on SNL or Second City or the web!


You can only find this class here, at Sick Puppies Comedy.  Author of the book, The Tao of Improv, Tom Neile takes any improviser at any skill level and transforms them into improv powerhouses.  You have to be thick skinned and take criticism.  It’s coached more like a contact sport than an acting class.

Refund and Cancellation Policy: All Sales are final.  There are no refunds or returns.  You may qualify for a credit or transfer to another class with a written request.