Episode 3 of the Sick Puppies Comedy Podcast with Jud Williford

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In this episode, I get to connect with my old friend Jud Williford. We both graduated from the University of Evansville in 2001, but Jud became company member at the American Conservatory Theater for 3 years where he did a lot of teaching. And a lot of acting
For over a decade, involved in more than 70 professional productions across the country working with Tony award winning directors at Tony award winning theaters.

He recently toured with Wicked on the first and second national tours for over two years and has been coaching and teaching acting using techniques he has used to be successful.

His philosophy: “I believe that everyone possesses a core truth and voice that is unique to them and that if accessed it can be the emotional fuel that keeps the engine of expression running.”

We talk about what it takes to keep your mind right as you try to “make it”.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


SPC Podcast Episode 2: Making Your Own Break

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We hope you had a chance to listen to our first podcast episode talking about Jeff’s Place.  If you didn’t, you can click here.

In this episode, veteran actor, Jeff Galfer tells us his story and rise to making a career in Los Angeles as a commercial, television and film actor.  We discuss how to handle obstacles and why it’s so important to generate your own content.

We highly recommend you check out Jeff’s Place, watch it and share it. Tell us what you think!

SPC Podcast Episode 1: Jeff’s Place

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We are so excited to reboot our dormant Sick Puppies Comedy podcast by talking about a new web series that just came out this week.  Jeff’s Place, created by Jeff Galfer and Angry King Productions is “Twin Peaks and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood converge in this strange new world of lessons, sharing, and parallel realities.” It’s only 6 episodes at about 5 minutes a show, so you can watch it all quite quickly.

In our first podcast, I talk to Jeff about the concept, how his team collaborates and the tone of the piece.  I find the show to be a comedy, however Galfer didn’t have any particular genre in mind when creating the series.  In fact, he claims that he hates punchlines.  I found the entire season to be wonderful, original and extremely sharp in production quality.

I had  Jeff for two podcast episodes.  Our first one discusses Jeff’s Place while the 2nd episode, or “Part 2” talks about “Making your own break” or how to survive in Hollywood. Our podcast episode is below.  You can hear all of our podcasts by clicking here.

Here’s the first episode of Jeff’s Place called Mirror Face.  You can watch all episodes at www.JeffsPlaceShow.com I recommend watching Teleportation.  That happens to be my favorite.

Episode 1: Mirror Face from Angry King Productions on Vimeo.

Would you like to make this production a hit?  Click Here to create a Thunderclap, or basically 1`massive post made by thousands of people at the same time so all eyes in the world can see it at once.

About Jeff:  An actor and photographer, Jeff Galfer holds a Master’s degree in Acting from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and a Bachelor of Science in Theatre and Political Theory from the University of Evansville in Indiana.

He has worked professionally on stage in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, & Los Angeles. Television credits include SCORPION (recurring), NCIS, CASTLE, LAW & ORDER, NUMBERS, Z ROCK, and a recurring role on the Steven Spielberg/Oren Peli produced THE RIVER for ABC. Film credits include the Brian Wilson biopic LOVE & MERCY and 6 WAYS TO DIE. Commercially, he has represented over 35 brands in national, cable, made-for internet, and radio campaigns .

As a producer and content creator, Jeff’s previous short film BURIED TREASURE traveled to festivals around the world picking up a Best Narrative Short award at the Rome International Film Festival, a Best of Fest award at the Illinois International Film Festival, and an Audience Choice award at the Zero Film Festival, Los Angeles. He also co-created and produced the web series Date-A-Max, which was distributed by Fullscreen Media.

Currently, he helms Pepsi’s new campaign as a “soda sommelier” for their release of Pepsi 1893. Click here for more.


The Sick Puppies Instant Improv Podcast: ‘Frenetic’

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An improvised scene that begins from just one word.

Tonight’s guests are Aniela McGuinness, Tom Neil, Julie Cotton, and Amy Wanberg.


The Sick Puppies Instant Improv Podcast: ‘Pliers’

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An improvised scene that begins from just one word.
Tonight’s guests are Alian ‘Plus’ Pierre, Stephon Duncan, Stewart Goldstein, and Lauren Pottinger.