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People Who Think They Are David Bowie Support Group

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It’s funny how the world aligns itself at times.  Cast member Stewart Goldstein recently told Rebecca Salus that “I would cast them in any sketch I write, no matter the character’s gender whether the role be male, female or David Bowie.  So he wrote that sketch and we performed it at our last show.  It went over well.

Then about five days ago, Goldstein comes across Michael C Hall singing in place of David Bowie for the release of Bowie’s new song, “Lazarus”.  The whole situation kind of forced us to film the sketch.  Enjoy.


Clearly, Stephen Colbert didn’t understand that Michael C Hall wasn’t singing for Bowie, Hall believes he is Bowie.


Sick Puppies Comedy News Episode 5

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We hope you enjoy the news as much as we do.

We’ll be taking a break next week and have a new episode in two weeks for you.

Thanks for your support!

SPC Ruff News With a Bite Episode 2

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Soccer, Racism and Puppies all in one session of news. It’s all you need for your week. Watch and enjoy.

Sick Puppies Comedy News Is A Thing Now! Watch!

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Cast member Chris Lazare kicks off our new line of videos, Sick Puppies Comedy News! Here’s our first episode. Enjoy.

Another Funny Commercial With Sick Puppies Comedy

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I think this one hit the cutting room floor, but it was arguably the funniest of the commercials that were shot.  Here’s to Eddie, Julie and Robyn.  Enjoy.  Feel free to share the video, but if you happen to know what it was for, please don’t mention it.  The producers were super cool to let us post it!