SPC Podcast Episode 2: Making Your Own Break

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We hope you had a chance to listen to our first podcast episode talking about Jeff’s Place.  If you didn’t, you can click here.

In this episode, veteran actor, Jeff Galfer tells us his story and rise to making a career in Los Angeles as a commercial, television and film actor.  We discuss how to handle obstacles and why it’s so important to generate your own content.

We highly recommend you check out Jeff’s Place, watch it and share it. Tell us what you think!


SPC Podcast Episode 1: Jeff’s Place

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We are so excited to reboot our dormant Sick Puppies Comedy podcast by talking about a new web series that just came out this week.  Jeff’s Place, created by Jeff Galfer and Angry King Productions is “Twin Peaks and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood converge in this strange new world of lessons, sharing, and parallel realities.” It’s only 6 episodes at about 5 minutes a show, so you can watch it all quite quickly.

In our first podcast, I talk to Jeff about the concept, how his team collaborates and the tone of the piece.  I find the show to be a comedy, however Galfer didn’t have any particular genre in mind when creating the series.  In fact, he claims that he hates punchlines.  I found the entire season to be wonderful, original and extremely sharp in production quality.

I had  Jeff for two podcast episodes.  Our first one discusses Jeff’s Place while the 2nd episode, or “Part 2” talks about “Making your own break” or how to survive in Hollywood. Our podcast episode is below.  You can hear all of our podcasts by clicking here.

Here’s the first episode of Jeff’s Place called Mirror Face.  You can watch all episodes at I recommend watching Teleportation.  That happens to be my favorite.

Episode 1: Mirror Face from Angry King Productions on Vimeo.

Would you like to make this production a hit?  Click Here to create a Thunderclap, or basically 1`massive post made by thousands of people at the same time so all eyes in the world can see it at once.

About Jeff:  An actor and photographer, Jeff Galfer holds a Master’s degree in Acting from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and a Bachelor of Science in Theatre and Political Theory from the University of Evansville in Indiana.

He has worked professionally on stage in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, & Los Angeles. Television credits include SCORPION (recurring), NCIS, CASTLE, LAW & ORDER, NUMBERS, Z ROCK, and a recurring role on the Steven Spielberg/Oren Peli produced THE RIVER for ABC. Film credits include the Brian Wilson biopic LOVE & MERCY and 6 WAYS TO DIE. Commercially, he has represented over 35 brands in national, cable, made-for internet, and radio campaigns .

As a producer and content creator, Jeff’s previous short film BURIED TREASURE traveled to festivals around the world picking up a Best Narrative Short award at the Rome International Film Festival, a Best of Fest award at the Illinois International Film Festival, and an Audience Choice award at the Zero Film Festival, Los Angeles. He also co-created and produced the web series Date-A-Max, which was distributed by Fullscreen Media.

Currently, he helms Pepsi’s new campaign as a “soda sommelier” for their release of Pepsi 1893. Click here for more.


Here’s Why You Can Be A Cubs Fan

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Despite the ridicule you might get for cheering on the Cubs as a “bandwagon” fan, here’s why you can anyway.


  1.  WGN – When I was a kid, WGN was the only portal to the tv world outside of Denver, Colorado.  WGN was just local Chicago TV.  Nothing special about it, but they played all of the Cubs games and I grew up without a MLB team.  So, between the Cubs and Bozo the clown, I felt like I was familiar with Chicago.  Sometimes, I felt like I lived nearby.
  2. Andre Dawson – When I was a kid, this guy seemed like a giant among men.  The quiet giant.  That guy could hit a baseball 100 miles.
  3. Improv – The center of our improv world is in Chicago.  So many of our dear improv family is located in Chicago.  The joy I get to see from them and many other friends from the Windy City is contagious.
  4. The 7th Inning Stretch – Often imitated, never duplicated.  It’s a war cry meant to be sung at a horrible pitch with all of your heart.  To see a crowd unified in fun and positivity while cheering on their favorite team is heart warming.
  5. Bill Murray – Fuckin Bill Murray.  Enough Said.
  6. Because you can – If you want to cheer for someone, cheer for someone.  There are no laws as far as I have found that prevent you from cheering for multiple teams… hell… cheer for them all.  You can cheer for them all.  Except the Yankees. Ok, them too.  I guess.  errgh.
  7. We are Human and we love a good story – It’s okay.  Get sucked in.  It’s better than most written Drama.  And though pro-sports are manufactured tension, it’s still very very real.
  8. 108 years – 108 years – 108 years – Haley’s Comet happens more often.  108 years.
  9. Rooftop Seating – Instead of building the stadium so big to eliminate the historic rooftop views, they built more… yea yea yea… they made money off it I’m sure… but Wrigley seems like the smallest big league team ever because you can watch from your old ass run down apartment.
  10. The Fans understand the game – I’m from Colorado.  We will watch any and every pro sport that comes to town.  We love it.  We love watching pro-sports, but if it’s not football, we have no idea what the hell is happening.  We love the Rockies, but we need scoreboards, TVs and announcers to tell us what’s happening.  Not in Wrigley.
  11. They Drink – Drinking got so bad that they began to stop selling beer after the 5th inning to reduce drinking related issues… however, people got so drunk by the 5th inning to compensate, they returned to the regularly scheduled 7th inning stretch last call.  That’s dedication.
  12. They show up.  The fans have shown up year in and year out.  Through all of the bullshit.  It’s time to rally together and be Cubs fans.  They deserve it.  Then next year, the Indians… but seriously guys… you have Lebron, so simmer.

We Are Not Competitors, We Are Community

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We are not restaurants, retail or airlines.  We aren’t commodities.  We can’t price ourselves based on the market value of others.  The services and products we deliver are unique, rare and personal.  We are a community, not competitors.

This weekend, Sick Puppies Comedy held two shows between Friday and Saturday.  Friday night was a packed house full of people supporting our Stand Up Comedy Students putting up their first set up stand up comedy ever.  It was rewarding to see the students get huge laughs from 115 audience members as payment for their hard work over the last 7 weeks.  The Stand up community just received 11 new comedians hungry to perform and 115 audience members just experienced the love and support of our community.

Saturday night we put on our first monthly “short form” show in an effort appeal to a new audience base.  The cast rallied on few rehearsals and put on a damn fine show.  In fact, our “mating game” contestant just so happened to be a student of Improv U, just up the street from us.  How did she hear about us?  From Anthony Francis, director of Improv U.  His philosophy, see it all, share it all.  A philosophy held by every improv company in South Florida.  She was such a joy to bring on stage and because of Anthony’s suggestion to visit us (any active improv student in South Florida gets to see our shows for free by the way) she was able to experience a whole different flavor of improv.


In Miami, Villain hosted the famous Mick Napier and 11 cast members of The Annoyance Theater.  5 of our Sick Puppies headed down there and took workshops and witnessed a sold out show.  Jeff Quintana earlier that week was hunting down a place to play on Tuesday night in the improv community to strengthen relationships and have more chances to interact with Northern folks… (Palm Beach might as well be Alaska for some Miamians).

The point is that even as all of the companies have to sell tickets and registrations, they aren’t taking business from any other company as they do so.  In fact, as we continue to work together, support each other and send our students and audience to other venues, it strengthens their love for Improv and Comedy, which only makes them come back for more.

Sick Puppy and JTF director Tom Neile said it best back in 2012: “If we market Milk, everyone that makes Milk benefits.”  So, Got Improv?

Need to know where all the improv is at?  CLICK HERE

Abraham Lincoln has a Porno In The Library

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I don’t know what what to say about Saturday’s show really.  It was a lot of fun.  The Lion King outtakes were phenomenal, we found out that all jails are connected by tunnels… also lots of massage circles in jail.

Couldn’t be more proud of the cast that really didn’t have a cold moment in the show.  Here it is in it’s entirety.  I think it’s worth the watch.  Rarely do we post an entire show, but this one holds firm as one of the most fun shows we’ve ever done.

Cheers to everyone involved.