Day: June 23, 2017

Sick Puppies Perform At UCB’s Del Close Marathon in New York City Tonight at 7PM

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Friday night.  Prime Time. In New York City.  It’s the place. THE PLACE.  It’s year 2 for Sick Puppies performing at DCM.  This year the team performing has dedicated themselves over the last 2 years to become an entire entity of their own: Daddy’s Little Nest Egg.  Comprised of John Duffy, Eddie Seage, Nick Henriquez, Aaron Blye and Ben Brouckaert, this team has figured out their own style, their own vocabulary, their own following and their own culture.


This team has their own show at Sick Puppies Comedy once a month and every month has gotten better from the last.  4 of the 5 players (John couldn’t make it) are in New York right now getting ready to hop up on a legendary Upright Citizens Brigade stage for a 7PM showtime for arguably the largest improv festival, DCM.

The dedication these guys have for the craft and each other is inspiring.  They brought on Kat Kenny of Bob Carter’s Actors Rep/Kat Kenny Improv as a coach and that was easily their smartest move so far. Kat is a real joy to improvise with, but she is another level as an instructor.

As the director of Sick Puppies Comedy, I could not have imagined the strides we have made in the last 5 years.  Daddy’s Little Nest Egg is evidence that our improv community is working together to create something far bigger than any one individual.  I have learned so much from our cast and students and whether they know it or not, they fuel me every day to be better as a director and as a player.  I am so proud to be part of this company and lucky to call Daddy’s Little Nest Egg part of Sick Puppies Comedy.

Knock ’em dead gents.  We are so excited for you.


People Who Think They Are David Bowie Support Group

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It’s funny how the world aligns itself at times.  Cast member Stewart Goldstein recently told Rebecca Salus that “I would cast them in any sketch I write, no matter the character’s gender whether the role be male, female or David Bowie.  So he wrote that sketch and we performed it at our last show.  It went over well.

Then about five days ago, Goldstein comes across Michael C Hall singing in place of David Bowie for the release of Bowie’s new song, “Lazarus”.  The whole situation kind of forced us to film the sketch.  Enjoy.


Clearly, Stephen Colbert didn’t understand that Michael C Hall wasn’t singing for Bowie, Hall believes he is Bowie.

Don’t Try to Win the Scene

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It’s hard to lose.  Or Be Wrong.  Or look stupid.  It’s ok.  That’s natural.  It’s also totally boring.  Nobody likes to watch two people argue.  Especially when neither of them are giving any ground.

In an improv scene, or any scene for that matter, we gravitate towards the person that not only loses, but makes horrible decisions.  We reward the protagonist with our attention when he runs into the fire… for leftover pizza.

“Are you cheating on me?” Instinct makes you say “NO! How dare you ask such a thing?”  In improv, it’s way more fun to say “Yes.  I am.  How did you not find out sooner?”

Find out how to own truth.  Find out how to take pride in losing.  On stage of course.  Or maybe not just on stage.  What if we owned up to our bad choices in real life?  What if we made choices based on our feelings instead of choosing based off of what we think others would want us to choose?  Find out.  Enjoy life.

Get out to the The Miami Improv Festival this weekend and watch everyone make some bad decisions and lose a lot!


The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

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Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. One of Aniela’s new friends’ husbands reminded her of that recently.  Sick Puppies Comedy temporarily loses one of it’s funny parts; Aniela McGuinness.  As we mentioned in a previous article, McGuinness was recently diagnosed with breast cancer during a journey she was already on for a double mastectomy.  Tomorrow is the day that she loses a part of her sum but loses none of her self. Her wholeness.  Here’s her video from today. You need to subscribe to this guys. Pay attention to her journey. It’s raw and brave and funny at times. You’ll get to see my wife’s breasts…. cupcakes… that she baked for Aniela’s party this weekend. You sickos.

Follow us or follow her or just pay more attention to your bodies so that we can catch on to cancer before it catches us. In fact, I’m scheduling to have someone put their fingers inside my backside… and shortly afterward, I’m getting a prostate exam.

In the meantime, we hope to be the funny part of your day through our website, live shows and classes. We are always here to make your day better. Just reach out. We love you all. Put some funny in your lives folks!