Day: December 12, 2016

SPC Podcast Episode 4: David Carl

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David Carl is a good friend and fellow graduate of the University of Evansville.  He graduated from Rutgers in 2006 while simultaneously going through UCB.  He later found his way over to The Magnet and The Pitt.  We talk about acting, improv, stand up and how they all have worked together to develop his projects, like “Gary Busey’s One Man Hamlet”.

Enjoy the episode. As always, tell us your thoughts.


Check Out The New Sick Puppies Comedy Promo

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While you’re at it, come see our show on Friday! Click on the right hand side to buy tickets now!

Sick Puppies Comedy to Headline at The West Palm Beach Improv May 21st

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This is some of the biggest news that’s ever been released by Sick Puppies Comedy.  We are so excited to headline at the  Improv in West Palm Beach.  This stage has hosted nearly every relevant comedian and improviser in the country and continues to be a leader in live entertainment between their three South Florida Locations, and 17 other nationwide clubs.

May 21st at 8PM, you’ll get to see the cast of puppies take over The Improv for 90 minutes and perform their signature show!  In fact, the show will include their original format “The Beagan” that includes a stand up comic to influence scenes!  Better yet, Mr. Sean Beagan himself will be the Beagan!  You’ll get to see the same great improvisation you’ve gotten used to in our short history at America’s favorite comedy club.  The Improv is going to donate $1 of every “Beagan” drink ordered towards the Tri-County Humane Society to allow the Puppies to provide even more support to dogs and cats that desperately need homes.

It’s been a goal to have shows in all major cities in South Florida and this show makes that dream a reality.  Buy your tickets now as this is the first Improvisational Show the Improv has had in a long time and they are heavily promoting us.  We would love our fans to come check us out.

You can purchase your tickets by CLICKING HERE

Billy Peery Comes Out As Gay Member of Sick Puppies, Casey Demands Article

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IMG_6837_2Sick Puppies Attempt 1

Shortly after it was announced that Billy Peery would be the newest member of the Sick Puppies main stage cast it was discovered he was in fact a homosexual.

Almost immediately a call went out for an article to be written about it by a shocked and furious Casey Casperson.

“Talk about his young boyish looks and sultry voice!”, demanded Casey the troupe’s director and comedic leader. “…and maybe use the word ‘cute’ too.” He continued in a fit of unrelenting homophobic rage.

The news comes as a shock to everyone who had no idea Billy was in fact A Gay. Especially since he spent most of his life in theater and musicals and owns a Bedazzled vest and tights.

“I just thought he liked wearing tights for circulation. It makes sense.”, commented Julie.

“Where is that article?!” Demanded Casey as I was interviewing Julie. “Add a photo gallery too! I want the world to see his soft tender beard! God I am so mad I could just…Kiss his mouth a little!”

Clearly shaken by the news the troupe is doing all it can just to stay together.

“I might just be jealous, but I think Casey has the hots for Billy”, exclaimed Tony Rivera.

“Are you just writing whatever you want and making things up?”, he went on to ask.

The news is of course sending waves throughout the community and waves of lust throughout its director. No one knows for sure what will happen with this new edition, but things will only get harder and stickier between this new member and its leader.


Billy Peery is the Newest Addition to the Sick Puppies Troupe

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Sick Puppies Attempt 1

Today, we officially welcome Billy Peery to the Sick Puppies Cast.

Billy Peery’s a lot of things: crazy, shameless, disconcertingly obsessed with boy bands. But one of his chief loves is Improvisational Comedy. Given that this is his eleventh year doing it, he can’t imagine being anywhere else.

He’s been the head writer for two sketch comedy clubs, and the leader of his schools’ Improv troupes. Now he feels ready for the next step. To put it in his own words, “Sick Puppies has impressed me since the first day I saw their show. They’re well put together. Somehow they manage to have a high, steady quality in all their shows. I hope I can keep up. Puns can only take a man so far.”

He’s only 21, which means he started Improv-ing in Fifth Grade. “Let’s not talk about that,” was all he had to say about those dark times.

You might recognize Billy by the unnecessary pen name he uses on this website, “Billy Higgins.” And, well, if you’ve read any of his articles, I suppose that’s all you need to know.

Glad to have you aboard, Billy.