Day: January 9, 2017

Douglas Widick Episode 6 SPC Podcast

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This was a fun episode.  I got to have a chat with one of my favorite improvisers on the planet, Douglas Widick, a founding member of North Coast Improv, a Hip Hop Improv group.  In my opinion, THE HIP HOP IMPROV group.  He was so kind to let me ask about how he got to where he is.

Douglas Widick is a founding member of Hip-Hop Improv group, North Coast, which was named one of Timeout NY’s Top 10 Comedy Shows of 2014. Additionally, his Musical Sketch comedy group, Pop Roulette, is currently running their latest show, Amazing Earth, at the UCB Theatre. They were also named one of Comedy Central’s ‘2015 Comics to Watch’ landing them a video deal.

He recently concluded several runs at the UCB Theatre including The 2017 Tony Awards (UCB) and The Dead Dads Club (UCB), amd performs monthly with UCB Theater NY Maude Sketch Team Hot BIrd. Doug teaches an 8-week Hip-Hop Improv class, and was recently seen in the Off-Broadway musicals F#%king Up Everything and Blank! The Musical. You can catch his many comedy videos at


Douglas is an off-beat comedy whiz whose improv background and acting chops combine to make him a formidable comedic talent on stage and screen. Consistently adding heart to irreverence, and finding the funny in touching moments, Douglas adds a three-dimensional spin to every role he plays. Recently coming off a critically-acclaimed off-broadway run in Blank! The Musical at New World Stages, Douglas will make a vibrant addition to your upcoming production.


5 Reasons Why Improv Isn’t Just for Actors and Comedians

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The biggest opportunity you are missing is the one to get to know yourself. After surveying the students of Sick Puppies Comedy, we’ve realized that very few students are taking our classes to become actors or comedians.  In fact, here are the 5 reasons why improv isn’t just for actors and comedians.  Join a class.   We have two options beginning on Thursday.  Start saying “yes” to yourself.

Comedy Classes
Comedy Classes

#5 You don’t trust your own brain. – How often do you find yourself doubting the thoughts in your head? Maybe you feel like it’s offensive or inappropriate or boring!  The fact of the matter is that you don’t trust yourself.  In our first level of improv we teach you that everything in your head is just fine.  It’s perfect, in fact.  Imagine if you could train yourself to have the right thought at the right time and give yourself permission to say exactly what you’re thinking.

#4 You often realize the perfect thing to say too late. – You’re in a meeting at work.  The boss is asking for solutions.  You’re called on and you know that you’ve got something to add, but you run a blank.  5 minutes after the meeting has adjourned the idea re-appears.  Improv Classes will teach you how to make that idea appear at the right time and help you understand why.


#3 You get anxious in front of crowds or new people – The secret to improv is forgetting the crowd exists while focusing on the scene.  Over time, you learn how to engage an audience because you have the tools to understand exactly what to say and when to say it.

#2 You’re bored. – When was the last time you did something exciting?  Stop looking for external resources to excite you.  Movies and bars are fun.  They really are.  The fun stops when you leave.  Improv is not only fun and engaging when you’re in class, but the skills you receive make the rest of your life more rewarding and fulfilling.

#1 You’ve been craving an outlet for creativity. – You feel it.  There’s something more you are waiting to do.  Maybe there is something you want to accomplish.  Are you a writer, artist, dancer, singer or thinker?  Not sure but want to find out?  Improv is such a low barrier of entry to discover exactly who you are and what you’re capable of.  Don’t be afraid.  Join!

Oh, and we guarantee you’ll love it.  If you sign up, take class the first night and realize this isn’t for you, we’re happy to give you your money back.


Sam Has a Secret About His Body and It’s NSFW

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I mean, it’s pretty harmless, but you’ll probably get looks at work if you watch it out loud. Just saying.

Come see Sam perform at our Valentine’s Day Shows at 8PM or 10PM.

Tamara Jones Tells Us About Her Worst Date – It’s Crappy

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This is probably one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard and it’s really horribly terrible.  But Funny and we are so glad Tamara went through this sh.. stuff.  Wow.