Day: December 15, 2015

The Sick Puppies Comedy Holiday Jam Video Is Here!

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It was a real blast to play with everybody around South Florida.  We had a bunch of people play and I wish everyone got more time.  Nobody complained that they didn’t get enough time or the right game.  Everyone just expressed how much fun it was.  It really was a blast.  This tradition will definitely continue!


Sick Puppies Comedy Partners with 16th Century Inc. To Offer Drop-Ins and Series of Improv Classes

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Sick Puppies Comedy and 16th Century Inc., the company that hosts and runs the Renaissance Festival at Quiet Waters every year are going to begin to offer a series of Drop In Improv Classes as well as a structured series of improv classes.  Drop ins began this past weekend, but they will occur at 16th Century Inc. every other week at their location in Fort Lauderdale!


Drop Ins Will be held every other Sunday at:

16th Century Inc.

800 N.W. 57 Place

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Class will go from 2Pm – 4PM.

The next drop in will be Sept 27th!

The cost of the class is up to you.  They will “pass a hat” at the end of class and you can pay what you can.  We certainly hope it gets you excited enough to join the “Levels” class.  Here’s the link to register for the drop in.

If you’d like to join our Series class that will begin on September 20th at the same location.  You can register here by clicking on this link below!

Classes are $249 for 7 classes and will go every other Sunday from 2-4:30p.

Sign Up Now!


Stop Trying To Be Funny Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks is one of the best actors on the planet.  He’s my all time favorite.  He’s a really funny person too.  This MEME pretty much captures what happens when you try to be funny.

In our opinion everyone is funny because everyone is human.  And humans are funny.  The first lesson we teach to in our improv classes is don’t try to be funny. Just be you and be the best you that you can be.  Audiences are more engaged to your emotional reaction to a situation than they are to a “joke”.  Not to say that a good one liner or pun isn’t funny, but truly engaging people find an emotional connection to the subject at hand and commit to that.    If the “thing” of the scene is a truly big thing like cancer or marriage, you are watching a drama.  If that same emotional commitment is connected to the fact that you can’t find a matching pair of socks, it’s likely a comedy.  That’s more or a less a paraphrase of Gerald Owens; legendary improviser.

If we all took the time to actually listen to what people are saying, pause, absorb it and react in a real way to it, we would all laugh a lot more and get way more done.  Agendas kill momentum.  Plot, if you will.  If you arrive to a meeting, discussion or argument with a pre-determined outcome, stop.  Don’t bother having the dialogue.  Just meet up and say “This is what’s going to happen whether you like it or not.”

Tom Hanks learned an important lesson that day.  Will you?


Christmas Memories With Stu

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Sick Puppies Cast member Stu Goldstein shares his Christmas memory as a Jew.

How To Write a Joke

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We get asked this question a lot.  How do you write a joke?  How do you know it’s going to be funny?  I’m going to give you 2 answers to this question.

Courtesy of David Razowsky. Also, this is an Improv Board, it applies to joke writing too.

1.  Write a joke.  Tell it to someone.  If they laugh, it’s a joke.  If they don’t, write another.  Repeat.

2.  Pick a subject.  Write down all of the things you know about the subject in one column.  Then write down all of the questions you have about the subject in another column.  Then, without doing any research, create answers to those questions based on your logic.  If some thing doesn’t make sense, try to write about what a scenario looked like the hypothetical moment someone made a decision to create the thing you don’t understand.  Then take all of that information and structure it so that you can make your statement or ask your question.

Why is it that _______________ is always ______________________?


I find that _________________ is always _____________________.

Prove your point or answer your question by choosing one of the more believable, but absurd justifications you created.  JOKE.

OK, I lied.  That’s just one of 1000 ways to write.  There’s no real formula.  Joke writing is like riding a bike. You have to just keep doing it until you don’t fall as much.  But you will still fall off your bike.

You never know if a subject is going to be interesting to an audience or if you’re going to be funny, but I can guarantee this… if it’s not interesting to you, it definitely won’t be interesting to them.  Write jokes as if you are doing a show just for you.  Audiences are really there to see you, not your jokes.

The cure for a bad joke is 100 more jokes.  They all won’t be bad, they all won’t be good and they all won’t be great.  Write and write often.  Never care too much about the joke.  It’s just a joke and you have more.  Throw away the bad, keep the good and re-work the curious ones.