Day: November 22, 2016

SPC Podcast Episode 2: Making Your Own Break

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We hope you had a chance to listen to our first podcast episode talking about Jeff’s Place.  If you didn’t, you can click here.

In this episode, veteran actor, Jeff Galfer tells us his story and rise to making a career in Los Angeles as a commercial, television and film actor.  We discuss how to handle obstacles and why it’s so important to generate your own content.

We highly recommend you check out Jeff’s Place, watch it and share it. Tell us what you think!

Learn the Secret to A Great Stand Up Comedy Show

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Watch this video to understand what makes a good stand up comedy show a great stand up comedy show.


Another Funny Commercial With Sick Puppies Comedy

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I think this one hit the cutting room floor, but it was arguably the funniest of the commercials that were shot.  Here’s to Eddie, Julie and Robyn.  Enjoy.  Feel free to share the video, but if you happen to know what it was for, please don’t mention it.  The producers were super cool to let us post it!

Ah Yes. The Ole’ Bordella Clue Dance Party Mystery Improv Show

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We had put together a darn fine show on Saturday as we tried a bunch of new stuff that seemed to go over well… then we just asked the audience a bunch of open ended questions and it turned into this.  It was super fun.