Kaitlin Rosser Joins The Cast Of Sick Puppies Comedy

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Kaitlin Rosser becomes our newest addition to the Sick Puppies Comedy Family.  Rosser hails from a small town in Michigan no one has ever heard of and graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Psychology degree. Despite contrary belief, her comedy career did not evolve out of this poor life choice, but rather she began her comedy career early, after unwillingly earning the nickname, “Mommy’s little oops,” as a fetus. In her younger years, Kaitlin’s desire to entertain blossomed as she discovered people liked her better when she pretended to be someone else. Living life one day at a time without mountains or cacti, she sought out improv to reduce social anxiety and instead found a new outlet for her crazy. When not performing, Kaitlin cares for grumpy humans, future humans and creatures, and enjoys a good taco whenever possible.

Kaitlin Rosser

Kaitlin would like to thank all those she has served in the past as they have provided the foundation for her most annoying characters.

Her first official show as a new member will be August 20th at 9PM.  Buy your tickets NOW!



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