Sick Puppies Comedy Partners with 16th Century Inc. To Offer Drop-Ins and Series of Improv Classes

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Sick Puppies Comedy and 16th Century Inc., the company that hosts and runs the Renaissance Festival at Quiet Waters every year are going to begin to offer a series of Drop In Improv Classes as well as a structured series of improv classes.  Drop ins began this past weekend, but they will occur at 16th Century Inc. every other week at their location in Fort Lauderdale!


Drop Ins Will be held every other Sunday at:

16th Century Inc.

800 N.W. 57 Place

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Class will go from 2Pm – 4PM.

The next drop in will be Sept 27th!

The cost of the class is up to you.  They will “pass a hat” at the end of class and you can pay what you can.  We certainly hope it gets you excited enough to join the “Levels” class.  Here’s the link to register for the drop in.

If you’d like to join our Series class that will begin on September 20th at the same location.  You can register here by clicking on this link below!

Classes are $249 for 7 classes and will go every other Sunday from 2-4:30p.

Sign Up Now!



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