Too Many Puppies in Too Many Places!

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This was a busy weekend for the members of Sick Puppies Comedy!  We kicked off the weekend on Friday by having Sick Puppies  main stage improv show at Center Stage Boca.  Great show, fun audience.  Video to come shortly.  At the same time, Plus Pierre was in “Spring Feaver” up at Bob Carter’s Actor’s Workshop and Repertory Company.  Last night, the Puppies opened for Shooting Blanks at the Mos’art Theater in North Palm Beach, while Hannah Petosa worked a private gig doing her stand up comedy show as a 17-year-old!  Aniela McGuinness and Tony Rivera were at Just The Funny putting on one of the best shows happening in the country right now, “I Don’t Have Cancer”, telling Aniela’s personal story of her relationship with cancer.  They are up again tonight at Just The Funny as well and will be at Center Stage next Sunday.

Pay attention to what’s happening in your backyard folks.  Live theater and comedy are happening EVERY SINGLE NIGHT IN EVERY SINGLE SOUTH FLORIDA COUNTY.  This is a great time to be a fan of the performing arts.  Don’t take it for granted, because without you, it stops existing.

The Wedding of the Dannies. From left to right. Dani, Danny, Danny, Danny, Daniella, Dani and Danny.
After show celebration as the Puppies play up North. Robyn, Chris and Matthew
Sick Puppies Play up North with Shooting Blanks. Ben, Robyn, Aaron, Stephon, Chris, Matthew, John
Hannah Petosa post Stand Up show!
Plus performing in West Palm Beach
Plus performing in West Palm Beach



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