Stand Up Comedy Class

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Thursday, January 15
8-10:30 p.m.




$249 for 7 weeks
Register now

Center Stage Performing Arts
7200 W. Camino Real
Suite #330
Boca Raton, FL 33433

Class info: 954-667-7735

Stand Up Comedy Class

7 Class program with your final class having you perform 5 minutes of Stand up during an improv showcase. One class will also be held at an open mic venue where you’ll be able to learn hands on with your instructor. Stand up is more than just writing jokes. It’s about how to present yourself as an entertainer and earn as many opportunities as possible to be on stage. When you are finished with this class, you’ll be able to perform 5 polished minutes that you can use on pretty much any stand-up comedy stage in the country. If becoming a stand up comic isn’t your goal, consider the skills we will train:

Stage Presence – Needed for public speaking, small groups, one on ones and dates!
Writing – Understanding the most powerful and efficient way to deliver a message.
Structure – Learning the value of repetition

Undoubtedly, you’ll also make friends and become a little funnier. Here’s the link to register


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