Aniela’s Cancer Update Including Head Shaving and A Conversation With: Herself

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We brought you the news a couple of months ago that cast member Aniela McGuinness was diagnosed with breast cancer just days before she was scheduled to have a double mastectomy.  Here’s one of her many informative, but entertaining updates regarding her process.  It’s a powerful one.

As you can see, Aniela is in good spirits.  All of this is precautionary as technically the doctors believe the double mastectomy removed the cancer cells, but due to the type of cancer it was, they recommended some pretty aggressive chemotherapy.  She shaved her head in advance because the doctors guaranteed her hair loss in the process.

If you’d like to follow her journey, here’s a couple of things you can do.

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Her process is tough to watch at times, but it’s important.  To everyone.  If you’ve never seen first hand what cancer survivors have to endure in their process, Aniela makes it pretty honest.  If you are a woman of an age that should be regularly tested for breast cancer, this could be your wake up call to get our boobs squished and touched by a professional.  Those are medical terms by the way.

Her theme is perseverance and even though we wouldn’t blame her for taking a break while she heals, she’s using this as an opportunity to do her best work.   Her story is compelling, unique and dangerous.  She recognizes that there is a void in the cancer community showing the honesty involved with fighting such a shitty disease.  Often we hear about how bad it is for someone, but rarely do we get to see it.  McGuinness displays it in a way that allows us to feel her emotions and also follow the story.  This is more than “telling” us what’s happening.  This is more than updates.  This is the raw story that we choose to watch and I’m so proud to call her my friend.


One thought on “Aniela’s Cancer Update Including Head Shaving and A Conversation With: Herself

    Warren Farley said:
    December 28, 2014 at 11:35 am

    I don’t personally know Aniela and only a couple months ago found her on YouTube doing a worm composting video, of all things. She puts on quite a show. Then I saw the My Breast Choice links and started following her there. I’ve lost several family members to various forms of cancer so seeing someone going through this is not new or unknown to me. She is amazingly strong for videoing all this and, yes, some of it is tough to watch. I envy anyone that knows her personally and is close to her.

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