Two Sick Puppies Move One Step Closer to Becoming Florida’s Funniest Comedian

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Alain Plus Pierre and Allyson Martin just moved on to the Semi-Finals in Florida’s Funniest Comedian.  The contest is the brainchild of West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale Improv owner Rene Harte.  1st rounds are hosted at comedy clubs all over the state of Florida including last nights contest at the Improv in Fort Lauderdale.  Video submissions are required just to enter the contest, so this is really the 2nd round that Pierre and Martin have gotten through.


You may have already seen Allyson or Plus in one of our Pride Pups or Sick Puppies shows as they are members of both casts.  We are extremely proud of them and hope to see them make it to the next round!

Come back to Fort Lauderdale next Tuesday night to see Sick Puppies Stand Up cast member, Hannah Petosa, stake her claim to make it to the next level!



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