68 Year Old’s Last Words: “I Never Needed Algebra”

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Boca Raton, FL – Local man Marvin Golden grew up in a strict family in New York.  The expectation was straight A’s, athletics and church.  Friends were a luxury he could rarely have because his mother reminded him that he needed to “Make something of yourself.”  Golden,  not completely sure what that ever meant, worked day in and day out as a child to impress his parents.  The teachers would remind him “You’ll be lucky you learned this.  You’ll need it in the real world.”  According to Marvin’s last statement, he never did.


Golden became a salesman after college against his mother’s will.  “You were supposed to be a doctor or an attorney” she’d always say when he’d visit, but Marvin didn’t want to be either of those things.  Truth be told, he just wanted to get his mother’s voice out of his head.  “You’ll thank me one day for all of this” she would say… but he never did.  He never thanked her because work without a purpose is meaningless.  It’s a sad existence.

When asked what he would have done different, Golden replied “Nothing.  Disappointing my mother became purpose enough.”

Marvin passed away fictionally.  Because. He’s not real.


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