5 Reasons Why You Need To Be At Our Show Tonight

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Tonight, the Sick Puppies, a couple of guests from Just the Funny in Miami, an award-winning comedian and an up and coming 16-year-old take the stage at the Funky Buddha in Boca Raton to perform a completely improvised Stand Up Comedy Show.  Here’s 5 reasons you don’t want to miss it.


1.  You get to witness history.  You can say “I was there when”.  Really!

2.  This show has never been done before.  Unlike any stand up comedy show you have ever seen, this one is completely unscripted.  There is danger tonight.  Will we be able to deliver real comic material on the spot?

3.  You get to influence what we talk about.  Yep.  We’ll be taking your suggestions at the door.  Make them fun and interesting.  I mean, if the show tanks, we could blame you, right?

4.  This could be become a new thing.  You can let us know whether this is worth pursuing more often.  Just saying.

5.  It’s going to be hilarious. We assembled the very best improvisers in South Florida to work on this project for the last two months at open mics and rehearsal.  We’ve tested it and we know it’s going to be great.  Just like every improv show, part of the magic is watching us make the discovery with you, the audience, in real-time.

Get over here. Tonight 8PM and 10:30PM – $5 at the door gets you into both shows… which if you haven’t figured out already, are going to be two totally different shows.

Funky Buddha

2621 N Federal Hwy

Boca Raton, FL

DO IT!!!



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