Your Word, Our Writing – Joseph Richard Nay: Thesaurus

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Thank you Joseph for the word.  If you don’t know why we are writing about a Thesaurus, we asked our Facebook fans to suggest some words for us to write about.  Here you go!  Also, congratulations on the two free tickets!

This what the actual cover of my first thesaurus looked like.

In 6th grade we had to buy a thesaurus because we would be writing our very first research paper.  I’ve never written such an eloquent paper about nothing.   It was thought-provoking, riveting, absorbing, compelling, enthralling, enticing, alluring and magnetic.

Each and every detail was explained to the very minutia, trifle, triviality, trifle and frivolity.  I used enormous words that probably didn’t apply since I was writing about the Exports and Imports of Switzerland, but I’m sure it was a sesquipedality.

Thesaurus.  Thanks Joseph! 2 tickets are for you!

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