Do You Recognize Any of the Names on These Lists?

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Which list has names more familiar to you?


List 1 List 2
Michael fishmann Jane Lynch
Jenna Von Oy George Wendt
Jeremy Miller Denis Leary
Josh Saviano Gene Hackman
Taran Noah Smith Billy Bob Thornton
Staci Keenan Bill Pullman
Leanna Creel MurrayGershenzMichael Clarke Duncan

List 2 – Right?

List 1 is child stars every American would know if they saw their picture, but aren’t relevant in entertainment today.

List 2 is actors that started acting after the age of 30.

Which list do you want to be on?  It’s never too late to go after your dreams.  And sometimes it’s too early.  Think about it.  There’s no magic formula to age and success.

FYI Murray Gershenz was in the Hangover – Started acting at 79.  It’s NEVER too late.

I’d love to say this post is for you, but I needed this too.  I’m not getting any younger.


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