Man With Train Horns Mounted To Truck Lauded By Community

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It’s a quiet Friday morning outside the local coffee shop when the tranquil sound of spoons tapping ceramic mugs and the hum of polite conversation is blended perfectly with the 135 Decibel train horn coming from the road. But where’s the train?

That’s no train! That’s big truck enthusiast and train horn owner Mitch Benny!

We caught up with Mitch at the next light and asked him why he was such a big hit with the townsfolk.

“I drive a big raised up truck with chrome and all the trimmings and I work out a lot, but what I think really puts the smile on peoples faces is my loud ass train horn. Kids and adults love it and I personally can’t get enough of it”, he said.

Mitch went on to explain what prompted this great idea and why he started doing it.

“I wanted a way to communicate with other cars. When I bought my truck the first thing I did was test the horn. I felt it wasn’t a strong enough representation of me. After all I lift weights, have huge muscles, and make tons of money. If I honk this horn I won’t be able to communicate that to other drivers and with my tinted windows and tinted windshield they won’t be able to see my overwhelming presence. That’s when it hit me. What’s the loudest, biggest, most unstoppable machine on earth? A train. I need to sound like a train.”

We caught up to an elderly man who was just recently honked at by Mitch.

“It was a delight”, Said the man. He went on to reminisce about the encounter.

“I was looking at a store sign when the light turned green. I hadn’t noticed, but Mitch was kind enough to fire off his 5 gallon air pressure tank of sound directly behind me. It gave me quite the jolt and helped us both get along with our day. I pooped a little, but that isn’t uncommon at this stage of life.”

Mitch has been physically effecting other drivers for years and he loves it, but even he has doubts.

“Sometimes I worry the train horn is too loud. Some might not enjoy its grand sound and that worries me. I just want to make my mark on the world and bring joy to the people.”

For just a moment the larger than life truck conductor looked almost sad. Then he fired off his train horn in the parking lot shattering all the glass on every car in the lot. The people cheered. Mitch hopped back in his Road Train and rode off into the distance where not even his horn could drown out the applause.

But then he honked again and it did. It totally did drown out the applause.


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