Hire Us To Play With You

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If you are friends with a Sick Puppy, you know we put on a lot of shows.  What you probably don’t know is that we are for hire!  If you live in a common community with regular entertainment, frequent a bar that could use a new twist or having an event of your own, we are your PEEPS!


No distance is too far and challenge is too tall.  Call us at 954-667-7735 or email us at woof@sickpuppiescomedy.com for more information.  We have up to 14 players immediately available and a local network of another 50 that can be at your event putting your audience in stitches.

Consider us for all of the following but not limited to:

  1. Improvisational comedy shows
  2. Stand Up Comedy
  3. Roasts
  4. Game Show Hosting
  5. Murder Mystery (THEY Improv)
  6. Private Improv Workshops
  7. Children’s Events (Playhouse Pups)
  8. Emcee and Host work
  9. Business Team Building, Sales and Public Speaking Training.

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