Jesse Eisenberg Cast as Nick Fury, Jr.

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Looks like this is a great week to be Jesse Eisenberg, folks. Just a day after being cast as Lex Luthor in the Superman vs. Batman film, Jesse Eisenberg has been cast as Nick Fury’s son — an original character who is set to premier in the second Avengers movie.

“This is — this is amazing,” the actor said, “I’ve always dreamed of working with Samuel L. Jackson, and to be able to play his son. That’s — wow. I try not to think about it too much–” Eisenberg’s speech trailed off as he moisturized his hands for the next forty-five minutes.

Joss Whedon also commented on the actor’s role in the film: “What? That’s completely ridiculous. That’s not–”

Finally, we contacted the casting director who was apparently responsible for the final decision.

He said, “I love it. Eisenberg is so great. There’s nothing he couldn’t add to the team.”

When asked about Samuel L. Jackson’s character apparently having an incredibly white son, he said, “Oh, is Jackson black? I didn’t notice. You see, I’m color blind. After all, we live in a post-racial society, and I’d hate to be seen as racist.”


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