4 Reasons Why It’s Okay to be a Sports Fan

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There’s been a real “hipster” push in the last couple of years to bash sports fans.  They call us losers.

I get it.  There are a lot of crazy sports fans out there.  They take things personally.  Too personally.  They “hate” or “love” certain players.  They revolve their entire lives around the sport.  I get it.  They are the reason why “hipsters” have an argument.

However, sports at any level are freaking great.  It’s perfectly okay to be a fan.

1.  It gives people a common thing to talk about – If we didn’t have sports, we could only talk to perfect strangers about the weather and politics.  In Florida, if I couldn’t move conversations to football, I’d be in prison.  There’s only so many racist comments about Obama I can hear before I shoot someone.  However “Go Dolphins!”.

2.  It’s a testosterone covered soap opera – Everyone loves a good story.  “Hipsters”, you especially love a story… about how you made some poor sap feel like a loser.  WWE now wrestles for about 12 seconds during their 5 hour broadcasts.  People still watch because of the drama.  You shouldn’t have a problem with this.  Sometimes the attraction to sports, especially the really shitty ones like NASCAR and wrestling, need something to make them interesting. When people watch a sport specifically in hopes of seeing someone die in a crash, your sport is absurd.

3.  Sports stretch the limits of the Human Body – No matter how little you car about sports, you still appreciate the ESPN top 10.  You do. Don’t lie to yourself.  Watching a human jump 20 feet in the air to slam a ball is just fascinating.  Watching a snowboarder twist 4 times while 30 feet high is exhilarating.  I’m not saying you have to be a fan of it, I’m just saying that it’s interesting.  Sports captivate me because I love witnessing the unlocked potential of humans.

4.  Your EGO gets involved because you want to predict the future – Look.  It happens.  You want to be able to tell people what’s going to happen in an event, maybe put a wager on it and then you watch every moment hoping you were correct.  Most of the time you are wrong.  You spend time talking about it to your friends or co-workers, you listen to it on the radio and read about it on the internet.  It’s all driven by your EGO.  Your EGO hates being wrong.

You can bash us for caring so much about something that doesn’t care back, but it’s the same thing as a video game, dungeons and dragons or any other “hobby” where you aren’t creating.  If you aren’t creating something with your free time, you’re an observer, a fan, a ‘loser’ just like the rest of us.  Yes, that means if you read a book or watch “Dr. Who” or other British shows.  You are a fan.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your crappy sci-fi, but it’s not better or worse than a sport.  Get over yourself.  You are spending your hard-earned money on “in-app” purchases and “subscriptions” that play into your geeky overload just as I spend mine on beer pong, t-shirts and tickets.

If you hate sports fans, create something for us that’s more interesting.  Be the change.  Go Broncos!


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