Converse: Are They Really Necessary for Improv?

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You may have noticed we recently added an Improv Starter Kit. Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you’re blind and I’m being an insensitive jerk. (Though if you ARE blind and you ARE reading this I would like to say, “Kudos, good sir. Kudos.”)

You also may have noticed that we talked about “the tuxedo” of Improv, aka converse.

And you may be asking yourself, “Are converse REALLY the tuxedo of Improv?”

Well first of all, don’t sass me.

Second of all, it’s the tuxedo of Improv, but that DOES NOT mean that they’re so classy that you don’t have to wear any other clothing. SAY NO TO NUDEPROV.

Third, and finally: yes. If you want to be cool and hip, you HAVE to wear converse. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Much like an Improv scene, your feet don’t start out with much support. There’s not too much padding in your shoes. Nah, your feet don’t need padding. And there’s no script to support you in Improv.

In Improv, it’s just you, your partner(s) and the open stage. With converse, it’s just one rugged foot supporting the other one. The two provide balance–the one making sure that the other doesn’t fumble around.

What, you don’t like extended metaphors?

Whatever. I’m basically Homer.


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