Does Sex Really Matter?

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Can we be grown ups and eliminate the “Best Actress” award?  Can we just understand that you can just have a “Best Actor”?  Eliminate sex from the discussion.  Sandra Bullock should win the “Best Actor of all actors that acted in F&^%$ing Movies” award.  Leo played ummm…. himself while Matthew was a slightly more serious version of himself, alongside two other performances I didn’t get to see anyway.  Just give Sandra the trophy and don’t belittle her award by tagging it with a dress (really tress, but who’s paying attention anyway)?



In the professional world, including entertainment, it’s important to celebrate the achievements of individuals representing  certain demographics.  I absolutely believe in non-profits and other organizations that look out for the rights and well-being of specific groups of people, but when you are awarding top honors in a field recognized by a broader population, it’s completely unnecessary segregate.

I understand America didn’t give a shit about women in the past, but it’s time for the Academy to pull their heads out of their backside.  You are doing a disservice to women and men by keeping the competition independent of each other.  I want to know who the best ACTOR is.  Is it Tom?  Is it Meryl?  I will never know.  Don’t patronize me by alternating WHEN the award is given.  Good for you Oscar.  You announced the best Actress after the Actor a few years.  How brave.  You old dust bags.  America deserves to know who the very best is.  Here’s a hint… it’s been a woman more often than a man in recent years.

I argue in the context of these awards to also create an award for best Jew (Jonah Hill, obviously), best black guy (Was Denzel In anything?), best Mexican (What nationality is Benicio Del Toro?) and oh yeah… best chic (No Scarlett Johansson?)  I mean, why not give all the non-male, non-white people token awards so that we can guarantee Leo, Matthew, Tom and George Clooney (Wait. What?) the award?

That said, it would be an atrocity to eliminate sex when it comes to most sports.  Most female sports are enjoyable, competitive and seem to have their own style.  My favorite to watch is Tennis and Volleyball.

We can all agree that the WNBA is terrible, right?  I don’t know what the problem is.  Women’s college and professional basketball needs to be stopped.  It’s not good.  Here is a “Highlight” reel showing off the very best the sport has to offer.  Don’t watch it… unless you don’t believe me… it’s just terrible.  It’s far easier to show the fail videos… which aren’t much different from this.  I’m just saying the sport of basketball is not compatible.

However, that’s not what this post is about.  It’s about the professional world identifying the best of the best regardless of sex.  The Pulitzer and the Nobel prizes don’t give an award to each sex.  Neither should the Academy.   Grow up you old bastards.

Did this piss you off?  Good.  Let me hear about it.  Do you agree?  Great. Click Like and share it.


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