FBI Afraid of Clowns, But Who Isn’t? A Look at ICP (NSFW)

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I'm sorry society has failed you, you sweet summer child.
I’m sorry society has failed you, child. May your dignity Rest in Peace.

Real quick. This is a NSFW article, where we talk about the ICP, a “Horrorcore” musical group that considers cannibalism a good subject for song. Surprisingly enough, researching this article was a laugh-a-minute enterprise.

But anyway, the point is that you should hide your children. We’re going into the Danger Zone.

According to a recent article by The New York Times, the US government has classified Juggalos as a “loosely organized hybrid gang.”

For those out there going, “Juggawho?” Juggalos are essentially a group of fans who share an intensely odd love of the “musical” group Insane Clown Posse (often abbreviated as ICP.) The ICP started irrelevantly enough, as nothing more than three guys from Detroit who wanted to perform hip hop.

Using the stage names “Violent J,” “2 Dope” and “John Kickjazz”, they played at various small-time nightclubs, even getting some playtime at the local radio station. However, while their group was called the Inner City Posse, they also participated in gang activity under the same group name.

As time passed they left their criminal activity behind, and their success began to grow. At least in part due to their insane lyrics, the people who liked these guys really liked these guys

Here are some lyrics from their 1997 song, “House of Horrors.” (Warning: it’s a little gross.)

“Bathroom? Yeah it’s right down the hall. Don’t flush it, though. I’ll make dinner for you all. I’m possessed too.”

Hoping to disassociate themselves from the gang, the hip-hop group changed its name to Insane Clown Posse, due to a strange dream Violent J had about a supernatural traveling carnival. It might be this move which also contributed to the group’s slowly growing success, as they created a dense mythology surrounding a “Dark Carnival,” which represented their conception of the afterlife.

Members of the fictional Carnival of Carnage. I'd say "Something wicked this way comes," but I'm worried Ray Bradbury would crawl out of his grave and smack me in the face.
Members of the fictional Carnival of Carnage. I’d say “Something wicked this way comes,” but I’m worried Ray Bradbury would crawl out of his grave and smack me.

Eventually John Kickjazz left the ICP, and so the duo began playing larger venues.

Their lyrics got even crazier, as can be seen in “F*** the World,” one of the singles from their album, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers.

“F*** disco, Count a Monte Cristo
F*** Cisco, and Jack and Jerry Brisco
And f*** everyone that went down
With the Titanic, in a panic
I’m like, f*** you all”

So, it would be fair to say they’re a quirky group.

They’d probably never have gotten into the mainstream, if it wasn’t for their oddly well-meaning pro-science song, “Miracles,” from the album Bang Pow Boom. (Definitely NSFW)

Of course, when I say they went mainstream, what I mean is that making fun of them became mainstream. In December 2012 SNL made fun of them with their sketch, “Kickspit Underground Rock Festival.” This was after a number of other parodies, among them College Humor’s “Juggalo News”.

To get a pulse on how the general internet-literate public feels about the ICP, I went on Urban Dictionary, and got some pretty interesting results.


That is an incredibly specific group of people.
That is an incredibly specific group of people.

Suffice it to say, the ICP is an interesting thing. I call it “thing” because I’m a little unsure what else to call it. But I think, if nothing else, there’s a lesson to be learned here.

You can be funny without ever trying to be funny.


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