The Fonz gives thumbs up to End Times Prediction in Lost Episode

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In a recently discovered season premiere for the 12th Season of Happy Days, Arthur Fonzarelli signals the end of the world as written in scriptures.

The episode summary reads:
“A small hooded priest arrives in Milwaukee at midnight, sick and malnourished. Fonzie sees him wandering around on the streets and decides to check it out. After seeing the priest’s condition, Arthur brings him to his apartment to help him recuperate. The priest appreciates the help and shares with the Fonz his dark secret.”

“He’s a messenger who’s been sent by the Vatican to warn a Cardinal, who was passing through the town, about possible signs that the apocalypse has begun. Fonzarelli gives him the thumbs up and says ‘Heyyy, sounds like biblical end times to me!’ The priest points out that there is a passage in the Bible reading ‘In your searches, you will find a man, whose thumbs pointing at the sky will confirm the end of the reign of man.’ The pair get mixed up in crazy hi-jinks as they search all over Milwaukee for the Cardinal, getting help from the police and even a bus full of nuns.”

This thumb signals the doom of man.

Sadly, it was never aired and the reel destroyed due to atheist studio execs who felt a bus full of nuns would send the wrong signal about the show.


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