Sketch, Stand Up and Improv All in One Show

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If you don’t know the difference between Sketch, Stand Up and Improv, no worries.  We’ll put it all in our next show for you. We are a comedy company, so if it’s funny and engaging, we do it.

People say they don’t like comedy clubs because they don’t want to be picked on.  Sick Puppies Comedy shows only gets audience suggestions for inspiration. We don’t typically pick on them.  It’s a theater experience.  As if you were seeing a play or movie.

“Who’s Line is It Anyway” is the most popular version of Improv that is out there and even though some of our scenes can be the same or similar to what they do, there are many other versions of Improv that don’t don’t necessarily resemble “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” at all.

Here’s what we do. A little bit of stand up here inspires our improvised scenes.


Engagement is more important than funny to us. Training your audience for funny means that they only expect to be entertained when there is a punchline.  Training your audience to be engaged means that you have permission to take an improvisational scene to any emotion, any subject matter in any context and the crowd will be there at the end.  We are focused on emotional connection and relationships.  Do we care about our objectives in our scenes?  We believe that if we legitimately connect in a scene, that the audience will too.


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