Online Dating Works Because You Say So

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Have you ever wondered why nearly 17% of marriages now originate from online dating?  The secret is Improv.  Yes. Improv.  


Here are the Improv components that lead to a successful online match and date.

1.  Input – Just like an improv scene you build the character you’d like to be in a scene with.  Tall, short, fat, skinny, black, white, etc.

2.  Input – You provide input about your character.  Who you are, what you like.

3.  Receive an offer – You accept an offer.  Yes And. The offer is nothing more than a computer “accepting” your offer and creating a real person on the other end that fits your description as well as a person looking for your description.

4.  Yes And – Unlike a blind date or other date by chance, you have been able to build your own scene/date.  If the date fails, it’s your fault.  It’s your input.  You don’t like to be wrong, so you look for ways for the date to be successful.  The best way is to say yes.  By looking for ways to accept, you’re going to have more success.

Blind dates tend to fail more often because the participants are more reserved and hesitant when they meet for the first time.  Online dating allows you to see the person in advance, know some of their key likes and dislikes and allows you to judge if they might be a good fit.

The reality is that if you were to “Yes and” every date, you could save yourself a bunch of time and money and figure out if the other person is willing to do the same.  It’s really that simple.  There isn’t just “one special someone” out there if you are willing to look for a reason to say yes.  The truth is truth is that compatibility has more to do with your ability to accept and add to the relationship.

Be happy, be generous and cut your losses early if you determine the other person isn’t willing to be the same way.

Ladies… “Yes AND” doesn’t mean you have to “give it up on the first date” but hey, it’s totally up to you.

Happy New Year and Happy Spouse Hunting.




One thought on “Online Dating Works Because You Say So

    Rich Thomas said:
    January 1, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Also like improv, when gay men meet online, most “scenes” only last 3-6 minutes and then it’s on to something else.

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