Tonight marks a New Year, make it one full of Opportunity and Happiness

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When the clock strikes midnight tonight, 2013 will be a memory.  Let go of all the sadness, the failures, the defeats, and even some of the successes.  Make this year new, and use it as a chance to find new paths in life.

We’ve covered how to get your new year started with goals and planning in our previous post, Achieving Success in a New Years Resolution Would Put You in an Elite 8%

Now it’s time to talk about why that is so important.

It’s not just about getting things done you see, it’s about making you feel more fulfilled. Life is full of challenges and strife. It’s easy to get bogged down by grief and sadness if you don’t see the good as well.

Stay positive. Not because “The Secret” was right and you’re gonna materialize a boat by thinking about it really hard. (I’m still waiting on my 5k gaming computer with 45″ 1080p monitor.) But because it gives you a great perspective on events in life. This can get you motivated to do great things, and it gives you the power to get through the hard times.
Take the man in this video for instance. He was born without arms and legs, but he uses his handicap to empower people all over the world. He is happy and fulfilled.

Let’s use a bit of a more relatable example. Let’s say you lose your job. Normally most people see that as a negative thing and panic or brood. Tons of stress over something you have very little control over.
Now what happens if you were to be positive about it, and see it as an opportunity? Then, using hard work, planing, and dedication you can do something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time to. Start painting Bob Ross style, build a boat, do stand up comedy (just kidding). Whatever you’ve thought of but put off as “unrealistic”.
Positive thinking by itself isn’t enough, but it’s like a gateway drug to opportunity. Like pot, except…well not an actual debilitating drug. And it doesn’t make you hungry, hungry for success maybe. eh? eh? *drum roll and cricket sounds*

Take the time to really think about what you want from your life, and what you feel is missing. Then go for it! There’s nothing holding you back but your own fear and self doubt. Once that’s out of the way, the sky’s the limit!
Trying and not getting your goal isn’t failure, never doing anything is! Don’t be stagnant!
There are so many discoveries you will find on the journey to what you thought you wanted. You could end up finding out that while you thought you wanted to be a rock star, you met someone amazing at a coffee shop and spent the rest of your years writing poetry about butterflies and being happier than you ever were before. Butteflies! Seriously! And Poetry!

This is your life! Take it by the hand. Lead it where you want to go. You are the only one steering your ship. Take chances, be alive! You only get to do this once, make that one time so full of experiences that by the end you’re smiling just thinking about it.

Be brave, be bold, live life to the fullest. And above all else, watch improv. =)


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