Naming your children? Why not ask the interwebs for help?

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How you gonna spell Rachael with an X?

Is there a small spawn growing inside you or your loved one’s organic Xerox machine?  (Or “Uterus” in laymen’s terms.)
Can’t think of anything that sounds catchy at the end of “Hello, my name is…”?
Well the internet can help!
Here’s one of the amazing tools at your disposal for absolutely nothing!  FREE!
My favorite site, and the one with the most offerings is

Truly a treasure trove of baby names.
Let’s say you were thinking of going with something standard like Todd Johnson. Punch that bad boy into the name generator and you’ll spice up your baby’s name and get him ready for a life of pure awesome.

Gangsta Name: Supa-Sprung Rat Snatcher
Pirate Name: Pirate Todd the Rum-Swiller

Luchadore (Mexican Wrestler) name: El Guacamole Fantastico

Vampire Lord:  Lord Karne of Transylvania

So don’t despair when you’ve got an heir, these names are beyond compare!


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