Lose 20 Pounds in 5 days

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You only have 5 days to make your mediocre 2013 memorable? Are you procrastinating until 2014 to start your resolutions?  Here’s a few things you can do right now to tell your friends and family “2013 was the greatest year ever”.

1.  Start a business – Seriously.  It’s cheap.  It’s like $50 to register a fictitious name with the state of Florida.  Click here to do it.  Then you can Do Business as whomever you like.  What business do you ask?  Who cares? Be in the business of you.  You know you have good ideas.  Then you can tell everyone “I started my own company last year.” People can look it up online.  Totally awesome.  I own Casperson Consulting because of this.  2009 was a rough year.

2.  Register to Run for Office – You can say “I’m running for Congress”.  Click Here to start.  It’s free to get started.

3.  Put a deposit on a Boat – You can say “I bought a boat in 2013.” Then cancel your order in 2014.  Your deposit is usually refundable.  Make sure you ask first.  The cool part is you’ll have all the paperwork and everything to post on Facebook… and pictures.

4.  Lose 20 pounds – Wanna know how to lose twenty pounds in 5 days?  Purchase roughly $40 of British currency.  Then misplace it.   “I lost 20 pounds last year.”

My point is this.  It doesn’t take much to do something memorable.  Don’t wait until 2014 to be great.  Read a book, register for classes, ask someone out on a date… if you’re single.  Get a divorce if you’re unhappy.  I’m just saying.

Much Love.




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