Sick Puppies Student Billy Peery cast in Disney movie about a Mutant Tree

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The Tree Prince

Sick Puppies is proud to announce one of our very own students, Billy Peery, has been cast in a new Disney Pixar live action CGI hand drawn RomCom Dromedy Satire named “The Tree Prince”.

This is a sad yet happy tale about a prince who was mean to an ugly witch, who turned him into an ugly tree that had the ability to talk so he would freak people out. But he learns the beauty of people’s inner beauty when he falls in love with a princess with a great set of….ethics. (Played by fellow classmate Robin Weintraub.)

The main villain is a troll called the “Casperson” who live in the boughs of The Tree Prince. He tries to eat the princess, who maces him in the eyes at point blank range which causes him to trip and fall into a ravine. He returns later in the movie as a disembodied head who makes comments about everybody’s fashion choices.

Billy won the role over huge actors like; Robert DeGyro (pronounced “Duh Year-oh”), Justin Bebird, and Denver the Last Dinosaur.

It’s fantastic tale of a sapling who grew into a prince,who loses it all, only to get it all back again sometime later.

We hope you will come see this incredible tale when it’s released on Disney DVD in Anchorage Alaska in 2016. There will only be 3 DVD’s made before it’s locked in the Disney Vault, and then the vault is lowered into a vat of acid, so hurry and preorder today!


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