A**holes Talk Like This. Don’t Be One of Them

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We’ve all encountered people that we just don’t want to talk to.  From the moment they engage in conversation with us, we just get that “feeling”.  It’s grimy and filthy.  We realize immediately we’ve made a huge mistake.  Here are some warning signs to recognize one before you get too far.


  1. “Listen” – They preface everything with this word. It’s a guarantee that there is no support to the claim they are about to make.  They want you on their side and they are about ask a favor.  “Listen.  You’re gonna need a new car one way or another.  Why not just buy this one?”
  2. “Dude, Brother, My Friend, Buddy, Chum, Sweetheart, Bro” – If a stranger is addressing you as a close acquaintance, just run away. Nothing good is coming. The initial greeting will be followed by a completely unfounded compliment  “Buddy. I love that shirt on you. Makes you look strong.  You don’t have problems with the ladies, right?”
  3.  “You Know What I’m saying?” – We do.  We heard you loud and clear.  Why don’t you ask what you’re really thinking?  “Will you take my side even though I’m just not smart enough to make a valid point and I find you to be dumb enough to say yes?”
  4. “Okay? Right” – If in the middle of explaining something to you, a person inserts an “okay” or a “right” in a completely random spot of their sentences, it means they find you stupid… OKAY?
  5. Raspy Voice – Signs that the person is not only a smoker, but a yeller, drinker and is likely impatient.  Impatient people don’t care about your point of view, nor do they Test this theory.  It holds up.  There’s usually some sort of strong accent that accompanies the voice too… not isolated to one part of the world.  You know what I’m talking about.  You know. Right? Dude, listen.  You know what I’m saying.

Are there others we are missing?  Put them in the comments.


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