This Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity: 9 Pictures of Hitler Getting Punched in the Face

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Captain America Punching Hitler

Captain America punching Hitler in the face.

Wonder Woman Punching Hitler

Wonder Woman backhanding Hitler.

Batman Punching Hitler

Batman punching Hitler.

Superman Punching Hitler

Godd*** it, Superman. Get off your d*** high horse. I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to punched Adolf f***ing Hitler in his motherf***ing face. American hero? More like American Commie-lovin’ pinko.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, punching Hitler in the face.

God Punching Hitler

Aw, Hell. Hitler, you in trouble now. That’s God, comin’ to punch in yo b***-a** face.

Santa Flaying Hitler

When too many people are on Santa’s naughty list, he decides to go out there and kill them. Obviously, Hitler is on the naughty list. (You might think that’s me just giving you a sassy caption, but it’s actually the plot for issue 1 of Santa The Barbarian: The Big Red Slay. )

Taft Punching Hitler

I’m not going to lie, this is a weird one. Beheaded Hipster Hitler getting punched by Too Punk To Function Taft? Um, okay. I mean, it is someone punching Hitler, after all. I guess. Okay then.

Chewbacca Punching Hitler

Chewbacca Punching Hitler

OK, so it’s not a picture of Indiana Jones punching Hitler. But it IS a video of Indiana Jones punching Hitler, from one of those old SNES games. And ain’t that just a kick in the head?

Clarrie Gordon punching hitler

“What?” I hear you saying, “This isn’t someone punching Hitler. This is just some Kiwi (a New Zealander, for those not in the know) standing there and looking kind of like a square.”

First of all, kudos on figuring out that the guy was from New Zealand. Like, very astute.

Second of all, this is a real person, who kind of actually punched Hitler in the face. The punch didn’t connect, but this guy still came closer than anyone else to actually punching Hitler in the face.

Basically, his name is Clarrie Gordon and back in the Forties he was a pretty famous boxer. His fame led him to meet Hitler, who asked about his much-discussed right hook. Clarrie Gordon responded by throwing the punch, stopping it right before it hit the Führer’s face.

There’s no real evidence of how Hitler responded to the gesture, but Clarrie Gordon lived, and isn’t that enough?

Pretty cool for a kiwi.

For additional stuff about Clarrie Gordon, click here.

For more pics of people punching Hitler, click here.


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