“Nigerian Prince” Email Spammer Found by Accident

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If you haven’t heard already, the sign language interpreter assigned to President Obama at Mandela’s memorial has been accused of being a fraud.  Apparently, many of the deaf viewers watching the broadcast noticed Francois Deysel, the interpreter, to be “making up” hand signals.

According to the USA Today, Francois claims he had a schizophrenic episode that led to his terrible signing.  Francois hired a deaf interpreter to communicate this message.  What he didn’t realize is that the communicator checked his email on Francois’ computer just prior to the interview with USA Today and accidentally saw Deysel’s sent items box.  Subjects of “Need your help” and “Help Nigerian Prince for $1 million” were seen in plain sight.

Instead of repeating Deysel’s words in sign, the hired interpreter described Deysel’s computer and the emails he found.  He went into great detail regarding how pathetic Deysel’s email looked.  “It is all outbox and absolutely no inbox” he stated.  “He actually thought people bought into this.  Just like nobody is going to buy the fact he knows hand signing. In fact, look!  I’m signing right in front of him and he has no clue I’m calling him a spamming fool.”

The good news is that there will be no more spam.  Ever.  So there’s that.


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