Rebecca Black’s Parents Have a New Secret Technique to Battle Bullying!

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Rebecca Black made internet fame when her music video “Friday” showed the world that rich kids can do pretty much whatever they want, including making possibly the most hated song since Spice Girls and Hanson.

Her fantastic parents, who funded and helped create this first video that got her so bullied in school she had to quit, have decided the best way to combat bullying is to create ANOTHER video. This one even worse than the last hoping that they will cancel each other out and finally bring balance to the force.

This video shows poor Mrs. Black recovering from her previous party hangover only to engage in a possibly even more lame party that for some reason involves fireworks on the beach (and not even the good fireworks, like the lame smoke bombs and some sparklers, where’s the bottle rockets?!?!?).

That being said, in a way it does erase the memory from the first video as it has been causing miniature black holes to erupt in the minds of anyone who watches it, sucking your brain into the endless vacuum of space. (Or another dimension. It really depends on if you subscribe to quantum physics, which we’ll discuss is our February article “Valentines and Black Holes, Yes there is a connection!”)

Now it’s time to wipe out a few more braincells. So enjoy SATURDAY by Rebecca Black. (enjoy is a really just a filler word here. There’s a good chance you won’t, but “suffer Saturday” sounded too hackey)


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