Tony Rivera is the Newest Addition to the Cast of Sick Puppies Comedy

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Tony Rivera
Tony Rivera is taking is Stand up Talents to the Improv Community

Today, we officially welcome Tony Rivera to the cast of The Sick Puppies Comedy company.  Tony was born in Queens, New York and is a proud husband and father.  He is a professional stand up comedian 3 years running.  His sharp wit and quick thinking is what makes him a perfect improviser.  Since labeling himself an improv addict, he continues to barrel forward into the art form, people, and sometimes a priceless vase or two.

Tony was really our first fan.  In fact, you could go as far to call him a fanboy… and he wouldn’t disagree.  He took classes, attended all of the shows, ran tech, became our top sales associate and anything else that would give him experience.  His effort has been remarkable.  From day one, he asked “What do I have to do to join the cast?”.  I told him it would be a long time before he was ready.  That answer wasn’t acceptable.

Rivera took it upon himself to study all aspects of improv.  He sends information to us daily on new formats and podcasts.  He’s brilliant, tenacious and hilarious.

When I began talking about Tony making a guest appearance in our November show to the cast, the cast overwhelmingly made it clear that he should already be part of the Troupe.  After Saturday night’s performance I couldn’t agree more.  He’s remarkable.  He’s intelligent.  He’s already a family member.

Congratulations Tony.  Thanks for all of your hard work and everything you’ve done for us.  You deserve this.


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