Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

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1. The movie takes place during Christmas.

2. “Ode to Joy” is the theme that plays for the terrorists.

3. There are over six Christmas songs on the soundtrack.

4. John McClain gives gifts in the form of bullets.

5. Carl Winslow is large round man in a uniform that comes to save the day. Clearly he’s Santa.

6. In the final scene John “wraps” his gun and tapes it to his back.

7. Hans Gruber = The ghost of Christmas past, The FBI Agents = Christmas Present, and John’s wife = Christmas Future…think about it.

8. John is clearly Jesus as seen by his bare feet and copious amounts of blood and suffering.

9. The henchmen gives the gift of his machine gun to John and in turn John sends the henchman down the elevator as a form of greeting card.

10. Hans falls to his death as a reminder of the fast approaching new year.

11. Hans Gruber was named after Franz Gruber who wrote Silent night.

12. John’s wife Holly goes by her last name Genero, which is latin for Generous…maybe.


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