Just The Puppies Return to Miami This Saturday!

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Well, eh hem!  We tricked these guys again!  Just The Funny is letting us in their theater again to put on another show.  Like always, we will bring The Sick Puppies Comedy Troupe down to Miami for those of you that don’t want to drive up to Boca to see us.

It’s a great opportunity to get away from family members after eating two days of Thanksgiving leftovers.  Tickets are fair priced, but you need to purchase ahead of time.

As always, the show is completely improvised.  But wait, there’s more!  Immediately after our show, there’s another improv show: Improv Against Humanity… at no extra cost!  Played off of the irreverent and awful board game “Cards Against Humanity”, the players will create scenes based off of what the cards tell them.

Casey Casperson performed with Improv Against Humanity 3 weeks ago at the Tampa Improv Festival and it was received quite well.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS – The venue only holds 100 people, so make sure you purchase ahead of time.

Just the Funny Theater and Training Center  November 30, 2013 – Saturday – 9PM

3119 Coral Way

Miami, FL 33145

Call (954) 667-7735 with questions or you can purchase over the phone as well.


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