The Perfect Gift

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The Holidays make us fat.  They do. The end of the year is a terrible reminder that we didn’t do half the stuff we wanted to.  2013 could very well be the worst year of your life. However, there’s good news!  The Sick Puppies are starting a brand new beginner’s Improv class to start the year right!  Forget the gym… let’s face it, you’ve been trying for years to get in there and we all know you’re just going to waste another $2500 for a membership you’ll never use.  Why not give yourself the gift of FUN!  Introduce yourself to a world very few understand and almost anyone can be successful in.

Classes go for 7 weeks and your 7th week is a showcase where you can show all of your friends and family members just how much more entertaining than you are than them.  Live up to your potential.  43 improv students can’t be wrong.  That’s right.  The Sick Puppies had over 40 students come through our program last year.  It will be the best $249 you’ve ever spent.

Classes start January 6, 2014.  Do yourself a favor and either buy yourself the gift of life or purchase it for that special someone that wouldn’t buy it for themself.  We make you look like a rock star… because you are, in fact, a rock star.

Here’s the Link… sign up.



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