Wilton Manor – The Haunted House Story

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Justin Bullard is a great student and friend of The Sick Puppies. If you know him, you already know what a generous person he is.  He provided us a solution when we needed wireless sound for The Humor Games, organized a very fun Canoe Racing team and most recently designed one of the wildest haunted houses I’ve ever seen.  The house ended up being a successful fundraiser for Sunserve.  I thought it would be a good opportunity to interview Justin.



Why the haunted house?

I really like scaring people.  It’s not necessarily scaring people. It’s their reaction.  You get a really distinct expressive reaction from people. Humor is good, but when you scare someone, you make them express their real emotions.


Improv put me in a group of people that wanted to act.  I’ve met a lot of people over the years.  Improvisers are up for acting wherever, whenever.  It was great having them participate.

I wanted to do a haunted house that was different.  Usually houses are about viewing the set.  I wanted to have the audience contribute to the energy.  I wanted to create scenes, not rooms.

Can you tell us about the event and location?

I was very fortunate.  My friends had purchased a home that was set for tear down.  I could do whatever I wanted to  this house.  It was a great location.

So, I always wanted to get more involved with charities.  I was looking for ways to contribute.  I really like the fact that Sunserve helps the youth.  I grew up in a catholic family.  It was really isolating.  You knew how everyone was suppose to feel about homosexuality.  You didn’t know how people felt, but you knew how they were supposed to feel.  It lead me not to trust my family members.  You feel like you’re compromising them by telling them you’re gay.  It’s much nicer to have an environment where people won’t judge you.  

They do a lot of counseling for the youth.  They also do Proms so that they can express themselves in a place that isn’t threatening.

They also help with housing. Finding housing can be problematic.  A lot of gay elderly people don’t have a family.  They don’t have support.  If they are elderly, they don’t typically have children or parents alive and maybe they don’t have siblings or maybe they are disowned by their family.

Justin and Tim.
Tim and Justin

I was really happy with the fact the haunted house collected $5500 in contributions.  I’d like to especially thank my partner, Tim Luznar, brother, Jason Bullard and of course, The Sick Puppies for donating the actors.

The Puppies hope Justin does this again next year as we had a great time.  Thanks Justin for being such a generous person.  The world needs more of you!


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