Sick Puppies Release Bulk Ticket Packages

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In an attempt to reward our loyal fan base, we’re releasing a limited number of bulk packages.  These tickets can be used all at once or spread out over multiple shows.

Buy Bulk Tickets Here!

Currently, show tickets are $20 for a single or $30 for a couple.  Here’s how the new packages will save you some money:

6 Tickets for $90 – Same discount as if you bought 2 tickets for one show, however you can use these tickets in any quantity for any show.  A great package for someone that usually purchases a single ticket.

10 Tickets for $135 –  This comes out to $13.50 a ticket.  Not too shabby.  Use one ticket per next 10 shows or are all 10 at one show.  It’s up to you how you split them up.  You get a nifty Sick Puppies T-Shirt Too!

20 Tickets for $250 – You get Tickets for only $12.50 a ticket and you get 2 T-Shirts.

Tickets will be mailed to you within the week.  If you buy the package close to a show, we’ll keep your tickets at the door and give them to you at the show.  We’ll owe you $2 🙂

Also, consider the fact that if our ticket prices go up, you’ll be locked in.  See you at our next show!!


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