Manny Garavito to Play “The Beagan” in Upcoming Sick Puppies Shows

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Mannyg_dmw   8If you haven’t seen “The Beagan”, you’re missing out.  A stand up comic that we’ve never seen or a comic that brings in new material does some time and we expand on what we saw by acting out his material.  Simple. Easy. Funny.

Manny Garavito is a Long Island native currently living in Miami.

His hobbies include stand up comedy, talking to strangers, and taking care of his mother’s cats.

You can catch him working on his act, writing shorthanded blog entries every other month and handing out flyers by a college before the campus security guard shift.

Manny is currently embarking on new projects such as his South Florida comedy Podcasts including the Brickwall Sessions in which he talks to seasoned comics about current events in front of a live audience, and his personal Brief Monologues in which he attempts to gain new material by pretending to talk to the internet in his silk pajamas.

In his spare time, he take naps in parking lots since he doesn’t have much spare time.
Manny also has a tendency to write in third person.

You can catch Manny at our Sept 28th show in Coral Gables or at our 1 year Birthday Show in Boca on October 11th.  If you’d like to see the rest of his stuff and where he’s going to be, you can visit his website.