Baseball Game Breaks out at Houston Flea Market

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On Sunday, September 15, Trader Village Houston, one of Houston’s largest Flea Markets decided to open up shop at the Minute Maid Park.  They were told by the staff at Minute Maid that the Park was empty.

It turns out, the Houston Astros (a ‘professional’ baseball team) had a game that day with only 1000 TV viewers and no audience. “I would have been embarrassed and upset that the park rented out a Major League Baseball field at the same time as a game.  I’ve seen these guys get in fights over who touches each other with gloves, so I was worried my vendors and patrons were going to get hurt.” said Carl Foy, Owner of Trader Village

However, the players were relieved.  “Look at all the people” some Astros player shouted. The Flea Market was embraced by the Astros and in the end, the opposing team that day, the Los Angeles Angels played catch with some of the kids and were allowed to just ‘claim a win’.

All stats were completely made up for the sake of keeping stats, but it’s Major League Baseball, where the few that still pay attention, just don’t care… as long as instant replay stays out of the game.  Keep it pure.  Purely irrelevant.