5 Ways To Improve Somebody’s Day

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The biggest differences in the world are made by the smallest gestures. Here are five easy ways to positively affect your world.

1. Ask a cashier about their day in a specific way. “How have your customers been today?”. “What is your most popular item to ring up today?”. Listen to their answer and react appropriately. If they don’t seem to want to engage in small talk, move along. Wish them a pleasant day.

The standard “how are you?” Is not soliciting a real response. Be different. Be memorable.

2. Compliment a stranger on their appearance. People work extremely hard to look the way they do; especially women. Sometimes men can yield a negative response when commenting on a woman’s appearance, so stick to the rule of shoes, accessories and hair. “I like your bracelet? Where did you get that from?” Or “I like your hair? Do you have your hair done professionally?”

Avoid complimenting someone’s body or clothing. They may work hard on both, but they may be trying to convey something different than what you think. “That dress makes you look really skinny” might be a compliment to some and an accusation to others. You can never go wrong with “I love your shoes.”

3. Tell a loved one you love them. Especially one you haven’t spoken with in a while. It’s nice. Do it.

4. Leave a note for your server. On your receipt, tell your server why they are good at their job. Nothing fancy. “Your smile made my day”. Or “thank you for working so hard today.”

5. Walk with your head up and smile at people. We get so focused with where we are going, we forget to greet our fellow man. Say hello with a nod or a wave.

Think of the last time someone did one of these for you. Felt pretty good right? Have a great day!